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Christopher Warner

Christopher Warner
Associate Professor
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BA Gonzaga Univ, Spokane; MFA Univ of Colorado, Boulder. Nationally exhibited painter. Exhibited at Koplin Gallery; Henderson Museum, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder; Fred Hoffman Fine Art; and Kerckhoff Art Gallery, UCLA. WESTAF/NEA Regional Fellowship and NEA Artist in Residence Award. Reviewed in Artweek, Visual Arts magazine.


The art of teaching Life Drawing reflects my studio practice that centers on the challenge of painting image-records born of my life long fascination with the people and places of the American West.

Landscape and the patterns of weather that cloak it is temporal and ever in flux.

My art like my teaching, seeks to study and record that unfolding visual journey with the universal language of abstraction.

I love the collaborative improvisation of the Life Drawing studio which pivots on the creative energy between the artist and the model.

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