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Sandra de la Loza

Sandra de la Loza

MFA CSU Long Beach; BA UC Berkeley

Multimedia artist who uses a variety of mediums: photography, sound, printmaking, video and installation, to navigate ideas and spaces

Collaborations with artists and activists on artist-led spaces for practice and critical dialogue: community centers, conferences, art events and discussion groups including “Transitorio Público” (2007), “From the Barrel” (2006-2008), “the October Surprise” (2004), and “Arts in Action” (2000-2004)

Grants from the Center for Cultural Innovation, the California Community Foundation, the Durfee Foundation, and the Department of Cultural Affairs

Exhibitions: “Phantom Sightings: Art After the Chicano Movement,” Los Angeles County Museum of Art; “Vexing: Female Voices from East LA Punk," Claremont Museum of Art; and Puerto Vallarta: Arte Contemporaneo 2008