• For the second year in a row, Otis will be hosting the Community Works Institute - Summer West. This is a five day professional development program for K-16 teachers focused on place based education, service learning and sustainability. There is a discounted rate for Otis faculty, staff, students and alumni to participate. Contact the Artists Community Teaching program for more info:

  • Classes End.

  • I Know What You Did This Summer is a series of bi-weekly gatherings in the Bolsky Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design organized around informal slideshow presentations by curators, artists, writers and producers in the Los Angeles area. Taking the form of a personal travelogue, presenters will share places, experiences, and encounters during summer travel near and far. I Know What You Did This Summer is an occasion to enjoy drinks and conversation among friends, colleagues and our community.

    July 7: Anna Sew Hoy / Jesse Stecklow


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ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) was the first electronic general-purpose computer. Announced in 1946, it was heralded in the press as a "Giant Brain." By 1995, very small silicon chips contained the same functionality as ENIAC.

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