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Step-By-Step Guide

Your destination for virtual instruction on how to use O-Space ePortfolios and Learning ePortfolios.

The TLC staff are available for additional support as well as the Student Resource Center

Step-By-Step Guides:

Navigating an e-Portfolio 

  • Overview of how ePortfolio is organized.


Creating a Learning e-Portfolio 

  • Instructions showing how to create a Learning ePortfolio.


Adding a Page/Section

  • Instructions + Demo video showing how to add/edit a page or section as well as Advanced Settings to keep your section and page menus organized.


Adding Content

  • Instructions + Demo videos explaining how to use each module in the ePortfolio to add your content.


Embedding Media

  • Instructions + Demo video using tables in Rich Text Module to cleanly embed media.


Adding Comments

  • Instructions explaining how you can leave comments on ePortfolio pages.


Course e-Portfolio Templates

  • Instructions + Demo video showing how to create your own course e-portfolio from a common syllabus template in the CMS.


Organizer Tool

  • Instructions + Demo video showing how to move content between ePortfolios.


Customize Your e-Portfolio

  • Instructions + Demo video showing how to personalize the ePortfolio.


Share/Access Course e-Portfolio

  • Instructions + Demo video showing how to share a course e-portfolio with students enrolled in a class as well as options for students to access a course e-portfolio.


Submitting Your Content