• Bring family and friends to reconnect with fellow alumni at the studio of Albert Valdez ('10) following Brewery ArtWalk, an open studio weekend with over 100 participating resident artists.

    Parking is located inside the Brewery campus.  

    Visit for directions and other information. 

  • Otis Radio: Our Story`

    May 01| Special Event

    Creative Action and the Otis Community Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.


    This week from 4:00 - 5:00 pm is Our Story. Join DJ Wormlord (Maggie Gilbert), DJ Ace (Grace Kanchana), and DJ Mango (Stacy Li) as we have real talk in real time. Don't miss out!


    Listen online at KLMU.

    All shows will be simulcast on 96.1FM in the Otis Commons and archived on

  • Creative Action and the Otis Community Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.


    This week from 5:00 - 6:00 pm is The Girls Room with DJ Lonesome (Jaclyn Arellano), DJ Filth (Mady Preece), DJ Duchamp’s Urinal (Carly Goldstein). In this political climate, it is finally time to take charge of our own bodies and image. No more housewife norms to determine what a woman should look like. Join us in conversation with the tools of music and noise to express what it means to be a woman. We will challenge the definitions and misconceptions about masculinity and femininity, creating a space where women can feel free to ask questions and get answers from other women.


  • Zeal Harris is known for contemporary, seductive, colorful, caricaturesque, political, urban-vernacular, story paintings. She is a Los Angeles based visual artist and has been in exhibitions in Port Au Prince at Haiti’s Ghetto Biennale; in New York at the Caribbean Culture Center of the African Diaspora; in Arizona at The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum; and in Los Angeles at the California African-American Museum, The Makeshift Museum, 18th Street Arts Center, Launch LA, and EXSLA at The Brewery.  Zeal has an MFA in Studio Art from Otis College of Art & Design. She occasionally teaches, works on public art projects, and works with community arts organizations.

  • Jocelyn Casas presents a solo exhibition for her Graduate Thesis at The Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art & Design, on view May 1st - 7th, 2017. There will be a closing reception on Thursday, May 4, 6-9pm.

  • Each year, the Benefit black-tie gala features Los Angeles' largest fashion runway show with more than 70 professional models in 125-plus fashion designs for women, men, and juniors. Approximately 800 guests— a creative crowd of leaders in fashion and entertainment— get a glimpse of the future of fashion design from those who invent it, Otis College fashion students.

  • Patterns Bigger Than Any of Us
    Jesse Fleming / Pat O

    A two-person exhibition of recent large-scale video installations from Los Angeles-based artists Jesse Fleming and Pat O’Neill. Each artist raises questions in his work about the self in relation to others, collective norms, and the built environment. They direct us to see the links and fissures in our lives and the larger systems that we attempt to grapple with—from science to spirituality, and the spaces they straddle.


OARS Initiative Grants

Faculty Research Grants in Support of Teaching Excellence and Assessment Practices


Grants are offered through the Otis Assessment Research & Scholarship Initiative (OARS)

Assessment has always been a vital part of an arts’ education but a process that is not always visible to students and external audiences. To address WASC standards in the area of teaching and learning for our upcoming re-accreditation process, and in support of faculty teaching excellence and student success, all faculty members are encouraged to research and experiment with teaching methodology and related assessment practices their courses and document the results.

The goal of OARS is to encourage faculty research in arts pedagogy and assessment, and to support faculty members in sharing results with colleagues to improve student learning and serve as a teaching resource for colleagues. Such research activities also serve as Contributions to the College in the faculty advancement system. The OARS initiative seeks to build faculty knowledge and interest in teaching effectiveness as evidenced through simple assessment practices. OARS projects will enhance and promote a culture of evidence and community of pedagogical practice at Otis. As Chase, et al. (2014) argue, the scholarship and practice of assessment in the creative disciplines is “at an exciting stage of development as leaders attempt to provide evidence-based arguments for the relevance of the creative disciplines and simultaneously articulate and address some of the challenges of assessment in the creative disciplines.”

Throughout the 2015-16 academic year, stipends will be granted to faculty members of all ranks in support of classroom and programmatic research that leads to recommendations for improvements in teaching and learning through specific assessment practices. The recommendations should also draw on the scholarship of assessment that includes case studies of effective institutional assessment practices and structures. It is hoped that the faculty research projects will serve as examples for future faculty research, encourage faculty to become involved in further developing their teaching and related assessment practices, and support faculty members’ interests in the scholarship of teaching, learning, and assessment.


Ideas for Research Projects

  • What is the role of self-assessment and reflection in student success?
  • Does a grading rubric (or clearly articulated and weighted criteria) enhance the level or effectiveness in the process of critique?
  • How can student attributes such as risk-taking and creativity be productively measured or “evidenced?”
  • How can visual design contribute to the efficacy and clarity of assessment and feedback tools?
  • What kinds of assessment or feedback works best for students, and why?
  • How forms of assessment are best matched to the activities of a specific course, and why?
  • What is the most effective way to document specific student learning, in addition to evidencing more general learning?
  • Are there research strategies that might be particular to art/design teaching, as compared to the teaching of other subjects?
  • The critique as assessment: how to measure and chronicle the positive effects of effective critical discourse with students.
  • Classroom-based Research by Debra Ballard


  1. Grants of $1,000 (taxable) are available.
  2. The next deadline for submission of request to the Provost is October 15, 2016
  3. Requests will be reviewed and recommended for funding by the Faculty Development Committee; final coordination and support for proposals will be fulfilled by the Provost and Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation
  4. Application should include a research question and the methodology for the faculty-led research in the classroom
  5. Faculty will report on the research and its findings in a format appropriate for dissemination (publication)
  6. Reports should cite current research from the literature of assessment (Debra Ballard and Sue Maberry will advise), and should include what the faculty member learned and recommends for improved teaching at Otis, and beyond.

Application Form

OARS Grant Application [docx]

Online version coming soon

Rubric for OARS Applications (This rubric was developed through the Provost's Office)

  1. Goals--clarity of proposal—what is the question or problem?   
  2. Clarity and effectiveness of proposed methods of assessment   
  3. Clarity and appropriateness of proposed research methods and strategy   
  4. Suitability for college assessment purposes (WSCUC and NASAD)  
  5. Likelihood that this will add to our current teaching, learning, and assessment practices
  6. Does the proposal place the project within the current literature?    

Current arts and design assessment literature is available at:
Successful OARS reports can be published in venues including but not limited to:

List of 2015-16 Recipients

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