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Registration Dates

2015 Spring Course Withdrawal Deadline: Friday, March 27th

2015 Summer Online Registration for Foundation Sections O, P, Q - MFA Graphic Design - ARLI Jumpstart  - April 6th through April 10th  (Spring - Summer Foundation and ARLI Students Registration for Fall is - July 6th through July 10th)
2015 Summer In-Person Regististration - April 13th through May 8th

2015 Continuing Student Online Fall Registration  - April 13th through May 8th
2015 Readmit Online Fall Registration - July 6th through July 10th

         Online Registration hours are Monday – Friday, 5am – 10pm

The Online Registration Dates are based on “Levels” which are determined by the number of credits you have completed and
your “In Progress” credits during the current semester.

  • To check your Registration Status: Go to Self Service, select “Enter Secure Area”.  Login, click on the Registration Tab;
    then select “Check Your Registration Status” and view various holds which will prevent your Online Registration.
  • You may register by your Level Start Date and ANY DAY AFTER the beginning of your start date.
  • Your current semester balance must be cleared before you register for the upcoming new semester.
  • Online Registration is Not Available on the weekends.
    Level Minimum Credits Maximum Credits Registration Start Dates:
Monday - Friday: 5am - 10pm
Graduate N/A N/A April 13th - May 8th
Seniors 96 and above April 13th - May 8th
Juniors 54 95 April 16th - May 8th
Sophomores 25 53 April 21st - May 8th
Foundation 00 24 April 24th - May 8th
Open All All DEADLNE - May 8th

Online Registration

LATE Fall Registration must be done ONLINE  beginning August 3, 2015 through August 28, 2015
and you will be Automatically charged a late fee of $275.00.