• Mining fields like education, cinema, psychology, literature and art history Anna Craycroft examines cultural models for fostering individuality. Through drawings, paintings, videos, sculptures, furniture, installations, books, workshops, or curatorial projects she works thematically on a single thesis over a series of exhibitions.

  • In his lecture, Laurence Rickels reenters the exchange between Walter Benjamin and Alexander Mette, which led to Mette’s review of Ursprung des deutschen Trauerspiels in Imago and brought Benjamin to consider the clinical picture of schizophrenia, the topic of Mette’s dissertation-book, which he in turn reviewed.

  • Artist Anna Craycroft, of the current exhibition Tuning the Room in Ben Maltz Gallery, in discussion with artist and curator Micah Silver.

  • Emily Thorpe's art work addresses the twisting formation of memory through spatial relations and moments of domesticity. She will be presenting a solo exhibition for her Graduate Thesis at The Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art & Design, on view February 20 to February 25, 2017. There will be a closing reception on Saturday, February 25, 6-9pm.

  • Solmaz Sharif

    Mar 01| Lectures

    Solmaz Sharif’s first collection, Look, was recently published by Graywolf Press and is a 2016 National Book Award finalist. Her poetry has appeared in the New Republic, Granta, Poetry, and other journals. Her first collection, Look, was recently published by Graywolf Press. A former Stegner Fellow, she is currently a lecturer at Stanford University and lives in the Bay Area.

  • Brendan Folwer was born 1978, Berkeley, California and lives and works in Los Angeles. His solo exhibitions include New Portraits (2017), Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, Portraits (2016), Mathew, New York and New Pictures, Six Sampler Works, and Benches (2015), Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles.


Class Marshals

2016 Class Marshals

Class Marshals are members of the Commencement Committee, and provide the student voice at the Commencement planning meetings. They are also responsible for relaying Commencement information to their classmates.

Class Marshals lead their classmates in the procession. Family and friends can identify them by the special purple regalia worn with their cap and gown. They also receive recognition in the Commencement program.

Please note. Photos and information about the 2017 Class Marshals are still coming in. We will post them as they arrive.

BFA Programs
Sarah Ng, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Architecture/Landscape/Interiors
Sarah Ng

BFA Architecture/Landscape/Interiors

Being at Otis is all about acquiring a sense of place and finding the motivation and inspiration to grow with your peers. One great memory that exemplified this was working overnight with classmates on our projects, not sleeping for over 30 hours to prepare for our final critique. During that 30 hours, we ate the same cold pizza, had the same sleep-deprived symptoms, and felt the same appreciation for the importance of determination and social support. This kind of dedication was maybe only possible with a group of amazing individuals, and was all the more memorable because of them.

I plan on traveling and studying different cultures after commencement. I know I have a limited amount of time before having a career might reduce my ability to travel, and I want to make the most of it. I might attend graduate school to focus on interior architecture and design too.

MFA Programs
Krystle May Statler, 2017 Class Marshal for MFA Writing
Krystle May Statler

MFA Writing

One of my greatest Otis memories was typesetting Alan Loney’s Beginnings for Otis Books; being involved in the text selection process, editing the manuscript and designing the book was a very rewarding and inspirational experience led by Guy Bennett.

After commencement, I will begin the process of establishing my small press, May Be Books, to publish a first-time work of experimental poetry by the end of 2017.


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