• Dana Johnson is the author of the short story collection In the Not Quite Dark. She is also the author of Break Any Woman Down, winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, and the novel Elsewhere, California.

  • Gallery 169 will be hosting the Otis College of Art and Design Communication Arts Graphic Design Junior Show, "5328," displaying a selection of work made over the five thousand twenty eight hours that make up the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. Work will include collected posters, publications, and typographic projects.
  • Clay, Body is a solo exhibition from artist Sydney Aubert: Unapologetically fat, crass, and sexual, a ceramics artist who also works in video, and whatever other materials arouse her in the moment. Exhibition will be on view from Monday, April 24 - Friday, April 28 at the Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design. On view by appointment only, please contact the artist at Reception: Thursday, April 27 | 6pm-9pm Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design

  • Audrey Wollen is a feminist theorist and visual artist based in Los Angeles. Wollen uses social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, as platforms for her work on Sad Girl Theory, a theory which posits that internalized female sadness can be used as a radical and political action, separate from masculinized forms of protests such as anger and violence. She introduces this form of protest as an alternative to masculinized anger and violence.
  • Bring family and friends to reconnect with fellow alumni at the studio of Albert Valdez ('10) following Brewery ArtWalk, an open studio weekend with over 100 participating resident artists.

    Parking is located inside the Brewery campus.  

    Visit for directions and other information. 

  • Otis Radio: Our Story`

    May 01| Special Event

    Creative Action and the Otis Community Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.


    This week from 4:00 - 5:00 pm is Our Story. Join DJ Wormlord (Maggie Gilbert), DJ Ace (Grace Kanchana), and DJ Mango (Stacy Li) as we have real talk in real time. Don't miss out!


    Listen online at KLMU.

    All shows will be simulcast on 96.1FM in the Otis Commons and archived on

  • Creative Action and the Otis Community Radio class present weekly broadcasts each Monday.


    This week from 5:00 - 6:00 pm is The Girls Room with DJ Lonesome (Jaclyn Arellano), DJ Filth (Mady Preece), DJ Duchamp’s Urinal (Carly Goldstein). In this political climate, it is finally time to take charge of our own bodies and image. No more housewife norms to determine what a woman should look like. Join us in conversation with the tools of music and noise to express what it means to be a woman. We will challenge the definitions and misconceptions about masculinity and femininity, creating a space where women can feel free to ask questions and get answers from other women.



Class Marshals

2017 Class Marshals

Class Marshals are members of the Commencement Committee, and provide the student voice at the Commencement planning meetings. They are also responsible for relaying Commencement information to their classmates.

Class Marshals lead their classmates in the procession. Family and friends can identify them by the special purple regalia worn with their cap and gown. They also receive recognition in the Commencement program.

BFA Programs
Sarah Ng, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Architecture/Landscape/Interiors
Sarah Ng

BFA Architecture/Landscape/Interiors

Being at Otis is all about acquiring a sense of place and finding the motivation and inspiration to grow with your peers. One great memory that exemplified this was working overnight with classmates on our projects, not sleeping for over 30 hours to prepare for our final critique. During that 30 hours, we ate the same cold pizza, had the same sleep-deprived symptoms, and felt the same appreciation for the importance of determination and social support. This kind of dedication was maybe only possible with a group of amazing individuals, and was all the more memorable because of them.

I plan on traveling and studying different cultures after commencement. I know I have a limited amount of time before having a career might reduce my ability to travel, and I want to make the most of it. I might attend graduate school to focus on interior architecture and design too.

Hana ORegan, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Communication Arts
Hana O'Regan

BFA Communication Arts

One of my fondest Otis memories took place in Communication Studio 4. The class was having some trouble getting creative with visual languages for the Manifesto project. Joe Potts came to class with a box of raisins and a mischievous grin. He gave each of us a raisin and proceeded to ask us to describe our raisin using one sense at a time. Everyone got a little grossed out “listening” to the raisin and finally eating the thing, but everyone was laughing, too. We all knew it was ridiculous, but we also recognized that it was a great way to flex our creative thinking. That was just one of many weird, but effective, methods the Otis teachers employed over the years to get us to think outside the box.

After graduating from Otis, I plan to work at a graphic design firm in Los Angeles. I hope to find work with an emphasis in book and publication design, but my main goal is to find a job that pushes me to continue learning new things.

Christina Liang, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Digital Media
Christina Liang

BFA Digital Media

A favorite memory at Otis would have to be the breaks between working and just chatting with friends and teachers. After graduation, I hope to be working in the commercial/entertainment industry as a designer or animator.

Anjali Deva Read, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Fashion-Design
Anjali Deva Read

BFA Fashion Design

My favorite Otis memories are always the night before a collection packet is due, or the night before a fitting when everyone starts going crazy at 3 a.m. and spills all their markers on the floor or sews a sleeve in backwards!

After commencement I plan to design Menswear in Los Angeles.

Dakota Raine Higgins, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Fine Arts
Dakota Raine Higgins

BFA Fine Arts

One of my fondest memories at Otis happened before classes started officially. In the days leading up to my first day of college, myself and many other first-year students went on a camping trip sponsored by Otis. There, I met a friend I've kept since the very beginning: Daveion Thompson. We just kind of ran into each other in this room full of instruments. I started strumming along on the guitar and he started belting out some really soulful, heartfelt lyrics from the top of his head. It was a beautiful night. A better-than-I-could-have-asked-for kind of beginning to my time at Otis.

After commencement I'm heading to Europe for a few weeks with a few good friends. We're going to see the Venice Biennale, Documenta, and the Munster Skulptur Projekte. Afterwards we're looking to get a little weird in Amsterdam, then stay with a mutual friend in Paris. I've never been out of the country before.

Jake Webber, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Product-Design
Jake Webber

BFA Product Design

Being in product design is incredibly rewarding because I am constantly collaborating with so many other majors. We share the ceramics studio with fine art, the computer labs with architecture and digital media, the model shop with toy design, and the woodshop with foundation students. My greatest memory at Otis is feeling like part of a team; without the help of my classmates and faculty I do not know where I would be.

After graduation I will continue to work full time as an artist and designer in the action sports industry, with hopes of starting my own furniture/lifestyle company in the future.

Inhee Ini Chung, 2017 Class Marshal for BFA Toy Design
Inhee Ini Chung

BFA Toy Design

I participated in Japanese Student Experience in 2015. It was not only an amazing experience to communicate with Japanese art students, but also an interesting learning experience to see their art works through art sessions Otis provided. At the end, we became friends and exchanged contacts. We still contact each other and talk about our works.

After commencement, I’m not only planning to have a toy design job, but also to start building my own brand. Since I’m interested in lifestyle design, my brand concept will be related to toy and lifestyle. I’m very excited about graduating and having my toy design career as well as my own brand. I can’t wait to graduate!

MFA Programs
Chen-Yao Cheng Domingo, 2017 Class Marshal for MFA Graphic Design
Chen-Yao Cheng Domingo

MFA Graphic Design

I often think back to traveling in Holland and Belgium for our study abroad trip in 2016. We met so many amazing designers and saw the settings in which they work. We took various forms of transportation (trains, ferries, bikes, cabs, buses, walking, etc.), explored wonderful museums, markets, and saw many great buildings both new and historical. We ate meals with each other. It was a very exciting and special time. Those are treasured memories.

I continue to develop my design practice. Currently, I am in western Pennsylvania. Though my heart remains in California, the contrasting environment inspires new artistic exploration and solidifies foundational principles and beliefs. Basically, I will continue making stuff, as always, as life continues to evolve.

Austyn Andrew de Lugo, 2017 Class Marshal for MFA Fine Arts
Austyn Andrew de Lugo

MFA Fine Arts

My favorite memory at Otis was an event I and some other students organized where people gathered at the graduate campus to make signs for the LA Women’s March

After graduation, I plan to continue my art practice, as well as engaging in various forms of political resistance.

Margo Mullen, 2017 Class Marshal for MFA Public Practice
Margo Mullen

MFA Public Practice

My favorite memory from Otis was working with Suzanne Lacy on three of her most recent international projects, giving me the opportunity to travel to Quito, Ecuador to Dublin, Ireland to Pendle England.

After graduation I will go on a silent mediation retreat and then continue my practice of radical friendliness within art museums.

Krystle May Statler, 2017 Class Marshal for MFA Writing
Krystle May Statler

MFA Writing

One of my greatest Otis memories was typesetting Alan Loney’s Beginnings for Otis Books; being involved in the text selection process, editing the manuscript and designing the book was a very rewarding and inspirational experience led by Guy Bennett.

After commencement, I will begin the process of establishing my small press, May Be Books, to publish a first-time work of experimental poetry by the end of 2017.


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