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  • Michael Joyce

    Sep 17| Lectures

    Otis Books/Seismicity Editions is pleased to publish Twentieth-Century Man by Michael Joyce. Starting with a disappearance, Twentieth-Century Man contemplates issues imbedded in aging, memory, language, family, and even life and death, covering and uncovering many profound mysteries.

  • Alice Konitz

    Sep 18| Lectures

    Graduate Fine Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture Series presents artist, Alice Konitz.

    Thursday, September 18th 11:115am - 12:30pm

    Graduate Studios: 10455 Jefferson Blvd Culver City CA 90230

    Image from alicekonitz.com


  • High&Low Bureau is a curatorial duo composed of Yael Messer and Gilad Reich. They curate exhibitions, film programs, performative events and publications, while engaging with a plethora of disciplines, media and modes of artistic expression.Their curatorial practice is dedicated to the exploration of artistic strategies that reflect on, and suggest alternatives to, specific social-political conditions.

  • Los Angeles is a city often described as having no center. Its art community has turned that "disadvantage" into an advantage and given itself a license for adventure. Organizations, galleries, and artists find decentralization to be an exciting option and they establish their addresses in unexpected neighborhoods and zones in the city and even beyond, in other cities and states. What are the challenges and advantages of this programmatic and conceptual strategy? What are the risks, to organization and audience alike? Is this necessary, and if so, is it sustainable?

  • Fritz Haeg

    Sep 25| Lectures

    Image: Fritz Haeg, working to install the Edible Estate #12 garden in Budapest, 2012. Photo: Andras Kare.

    Graduate Fine Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture Series presents artist, Fritz Haeg.

    Thursday, September 25th 11:15am - 12:30pm

    Graduate Studios: 10455 Jefferson Blvd Culver City CA 90230

  • David Schafer

    Sep 30| Lectures

    David Schafer is a visual and sound artist working in sculpture, sound, sound, performance, and works on paper. His work is concerned with the structures, translation, and intelligibility, of language and architecture. Schafer has shown nationally and internationally and has received several public commissions. Most recently he has had one-person shows at Studio10 gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, and Glendale College Art Gallery, Glendale, CA.

  • Sarah Manguso

    Oct 01| Lectures

    Sarah Manguso is the author, most recently, of The Guardians: An Elegy for a Friend, named one of the top ten books of the year by Salon. Her previous book, the memoir The Two Kinds of Decay, was named an Editors’ Choice by the New York Times Sunday Book Review and short-listed in the UK for the Wellcome Trust Book Prize and long-listed for the Royal Society Winton Prize. Her other books include the story collection Hard to Admit and Harder to Escape, and the poetry collections Siste Viator and The Captain Lands in Paradise.


Teaching Learning Center Standing Available Workshops


Descriptions of Available Workshop Topics

These workshops may be offered throughout the year, but are easily available by request:

Workshop/In-Class Presentations Menu and Request!


Join us for an informative session in which we will discuss the basics of assessment, from crafting strong Learning Outcomes to creating a Signature Assignment and rubrics for evaluation. This session will support department assessment efforts already underway. For more information, check out the Otis Assessment siteFacilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

Basic Database Searching

Introduction to the various online resources purchased by the Otis Library and the methods for finding needles among the haystack of billions of pages of data. Discussion of strategies for faculty to use in teaching students how to appropriately research. Facilitators: Sue Maberry, Heather Cleary


Start a blog and use it in class or for a group with a common interest. Create and customize your own. Enhance your blog with images, forums, public and private profiles, and chat rooms.  Discuss pedagogy of using blogs. Facilitator: Heather Cleary

Capturing Your Own Photos

Learn how to scan a variety of image formats as well as capture your photos from your own camera. Once you have your images, learn Photoshop basics on how to save the photos to use for your own class or project. Facilitator: Derek McMullen

Computer Applications

Want to learn PowerPoint, Keynote, Excel, Word, Photoshop, GarageBand, etc. If we don’t know the program, we can refer you to the online software-training database, Lynda.com. Facilitator: Kathleen Forrest

Engaging Students

Come learn about best practices for teaching less-skilled, less motivated, or potentially less-engaged-than-average students. Join us in the TLC for a screening of a dynamic keynote presentation by Michael Wesch. His presentation highlights ways in which faculty can engage students and deepen learning. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

ePortfolio Innovations

We will focus on innovative ways to use the O-Space ePortfolio as a teaching tool for presenting dynamic course content and display professional work. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

Gameplay in the Classroom (Gamification)

Join us to explore the way game structure and game play can encourage learning within the classroom. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini


Join us to learn about a new web tool to support student writing in any class. Grammarly provides automated grammar tutorials, text-revision assistance as well as citation audit tools. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini


This workshop will focus on the use and creation of infographics (graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and effectively) as well as eTools that can help you. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

iPad Apps for the Creative Process

Stop by the TLC to learn about some top iPad Apps being used in higher education. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

Jumpstart Your Semester

Stop by the TLC to receive assistance on O-Space, email, Grammarly or with any other questions. We have the answers! Facilitators: JM Venturini, Heather Cleary and Kathleen Forrest

Learning ePortfolios

Learn about this specific type of ePortfolio. Students will start using their Learning ePortfolios during Foundation year and maintain it throughout their years at Otis. It is an opportunity for students to reflect on their own learning and make various connections among their experiences at Otis. Facilitators: Heather Cleary, Jean-Marie Venturini

Motivation in the Classroom

This workshop and discussion will focus on strategies and techniques for keeping students engaged and motivated to get it done! We will explore intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivations and ways faculty can transform the classroom.  Facilitators: Jean-Marie Venturini

Navigating the Curriculum Map

We will discuss department efforts in using Institutional Learning Outcomes, rubrics and making connections to your coursework with O-Space Signature Assignments. Attendance is recommended! Facilitator: JM Venturini

O-Space CMS (The Basics)

The online work space for Otis Classes and Community Groups. Upload your Syllabus, articles to read, movies to watch, links to websites, or quizzes to take. Have online class discussions, use the gradebook, or track attendance. Facilitator: Kathleen Forrest

O-Space ePortfolios

An Electronic Portfolio (e-Portfolio) is an online multi-media collection of written and visual work. Faculty, students, and staff may create e-portfolios for a wide variety of uses, such as a class that requires posting artwork for review. Individuals can also use personal e-portfolios as they build their body of work. Graduating seniors can direct potential galleries or employers to their site. Otis students have begun to create their own Learning ePortfolios as part of their coursework at Otis. It is an opportunity to reflect on their own learning and make various connections among their experiences at Otis. Facilitator: Heather Cleary

O-Space Short-cuts

This workshop will focus on short-cuts and time saving tips for using O-Space. Learn about what features are available and how best to integrate such features into your class! Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini


General introduction to our Otis Digital Image Database (DID). Create slideshows for your classes. Learn how to sign in, search the databases, and select images to create a presentation. Practice with the presentation viewer. Organize your slideshows. Upload your personal images to supplement ours. Create canned searches. Burn your slideshow to a CD. Export your images into PowerPoint. Facilitator: Heather Cleary

PowerPoint for Beginners

Learn the basics so that you can give presentations with style! Learn about uploading PowerPoint study guides to O-Space and other fundamentals of this very versatile software. Facilitator: Shelley Forbes. Appointments are available for 60 minute one-on-one coaching.

Punch-Up Powerpoint/Innovative Presentation Tools

It is time to dust-off the powerpoint and learn new tools to give your presentations an extra kick. We will discuss converting powerpoint presentations to video podcasts as well using new tools like Nearpod to increase interactivity. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

Quick Video

Join us for demo on how to turn your desktop computer into a video demo tool. Will include an introduction to screen-casting! Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

Rebooting the Syllabus

Learn about crafting a syllabus and strategies for presenting your syllabus content in a dynamic way! Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

Teaching Tips

Review Chickering and Gamson’s "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education." Since these points were developed in 1987, new communication and information technologies have arrived. Discuss how you can apply these valuable techniques today and share what may have worked for you in the world of the Net Generation.Facilitator: Kathleen Forrest

Webforms for the Classroom

In this workshop we will explore classroom applications for webforms. Webforms are useful tools for online quizzes, coordinating classroom activities and collecting material. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini

What's Your Game Plan?

Join us for an interactive session in which we will play a brainstorming game to enhance the traditional lesson/lecture. Faculty will learn how to integrate educational games effectively into the classroom to increase student engagement. This is a collaborative session; we will be working in teams. Facilitator: Jean-Marie Venturini