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  • Marissa Johnen


    Current Setup

    Closing Reception: Friday, April 25, 6-9pm.
    Exhibition Runs: April 21 - 25
    Helen Bolsky Gallery
    Otis College of Art and Design
    9045 Lincoln Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045
  • “Foregrounds” is a show exploring how we listen to sounds. It utilizes field recordings by blending songs and spoken word pieces with the soundscapes in which we listen to them – whether it be played along with Los Angeles traffic, the sound of a meal being prepared, or waves at the beach. Presented by DJ Derek (Corn), DJ Nasera (Alayon), DJ Max (Miles) of the Otis Radio class.


  • HOT & HE∆VY

    Apr 28| Special Event


  • Tour I: Artists Studios

    May 03| Continuing Education

    Fee: $75
    In conjunction with Freeway Studies #2: Inside the Quad

    Curators Meg Linton and Jeseca Dawson lead a tour of artists studios located "inside the quad." Tour includes transportation, lunch, and snacks.

  • student runway show

    May 03| Special Event

    The annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is L.A.'s largest runway show. Featuring student designs created with mentors during the 2013-14 year, the show raises $1 million for student scholarships. Awardees this year include Leon Max, Michael Egeck, and Isabel and Ruben Toledo.

  • telefunk samples

    May 05| Special Event



    Destress from a long day of classes with chill/relax music and little talk radio presented by DJ-Rice (Alan Chen), DJ-Tofu (Sam Wu), and Andre Style (Andrew Chung) of the Otis Radio class.


Program Recruitment


Is your program in need of an attendance bump?  Here is a quick guide to help you recruit students for your travel study program.  The Center for International Education is here to assist you in this process.



Place program posters advertising course details and information meeting times around the campus:

Center for International Education



Building entrances


Announce your program loud and proud:

In the classroom

During Orientation

Departmental Meetings

  Club Meetings/Student Activities

  Informational Meetings (Set up with OIE)

  Student Government Meetings


Publicize & promote using a variety of virtual and social outlets:

Student Newsletter

Otis Webpage

  OTIS Community Email

  OTIS Facebook


Work with the Center for International Education to establish strong informational meetings with firm, unchanging meeting specifics (Dates, Times and Location) for each information session.



Recruitment sessions are an opportunity to share your enthusiasm for global exploration with potential participants. It is recommended to hold two informational sessions in your first month of recruiting. After

this period hold as many meetings as needed until enrollment has been met.  Please work with the Center for International Education to coordinate these sessions.


Possible meeting locations include:

OTIS Forum

Student Service Lounge


   OTIS Café

   Faculty Office Space


Ingenuity is key! Make your presentation interactive, exciting, and enticing. Try incorporating:



Power Points


   Fun Facts



Keep it Lively!   
Discuss benefits of global citizenshipDiscuss narrative itinerary
Highlight activities that focus on topics covered in the classroom and beyond.
  • Take advantage of social media by creating a twitter account or by using the OTIS Facebook page to high- light your program.
  • Invite students to like http://www.facebook.com/InternationalEducationOtis
  • Link up to information/media regarding your destination
  • Create a Webpage. Use your own accounts to post and tweet meeting times, application deadlines and pay- ment reminders


  • Please utilize the Center for International Education (CIE) for assistance with student recruitment and outreach. For additional information contact Darren Grosch, Director of International Education, at dgrosch@otis.edu or by calling ext. 6994. The CIE is located in the Provosts’ office.


Thank you for your commitment to developing global citizens!