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Program Selection Criteria

Program Selection Criteria

The International Steering Committee and the Center for International Education looks for well-designed and complete program proposals. ISEC takes into account the ability of faculty facilitating the course to move their students safely and deftly through the Travel Study experience. We seek to be transparent about our selection criteria and have listed below some features of a strong proposal. In addition to this, it is encouraged that you meet with the Center for International Education to discuss your proposal in the early draft phase. Given advanced notice, the CIE can look over a draft of your proposal with you to hone and troubleshoot.

Through the proposal process, we seek to create a diverse selection of program offerings from a wide range of disciplines. We try to balance the number of new and recurring programs while also making sure that the end set of programs cover a wide variety of topics and regions.

Strong proposals are thoroughly completed and include:

  • Clearly and thoroughly laid-out academic goals that are tied to and enhanced by the site location(s).
  • The use of a Program Provider or Third Party entity.
  • Program activities and field trips that take advantage of the program location and compliment the academic goals of the curriculum.
  • An assessment of the risks involved in and associated with Travel Study, and the specific program.
  • A detailed program budget that covers the estimated costs of the program and maps thoroughly to the program itinerary; solidly identified housing, classroom spaces and field trips.
  • Unique and specific opportunities not available elsewhere in the world.
  • A clear relationship to the sponsoring department. The program directors have a connection to department, the program aims fit with departmental goals/priorities, and the coursework has been vetted and approved.
  • A thorough and comprehensive pre-departure orientation plan.