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Program Withdrawal


If you must withdraw from your Travel Study program, please carefully read the information contained in the program specific nomination letter. Your withdrawal date is considered the date (business day) your withdrawal paperwork is received by the Center for International Education.

It's important to consider that withdrawing from a Travel Study program may have financial consequences and that you will be held to the terms and conditions of all contracts/documents signed.

Typical withdrawals are processed 4-6 weeks from receipt of complete withdrawal paperwork. Any reimbursements of program/exchange fees will be credited to your student account once the withdrawal is fully processed.


Withdrawal Process

To withdraw from a Travel Study program, you must complete and submit

1) Travel Study Withdrawal Request Form to Student Accounts.  You can obtain this form from the Center for International Education. Your completed withdrawal form can be delivered to Student Accounts in person AHMN 209, or emailed to studentaccounts@otis.edu, as a scanned document.   The official date of withdrawal is the date the document is received by Student Accounts.

2) If you decide to withdraw from your program, it is your responsibility to  notify both your Otis instructor, program provider, & advisor.

Cancellation Fees are indicated below.  Refund will post to your student account.

40-59 days prior to start of program: $500

0-60 days prior to start of program: No Refund