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Hell to Pay is a pilot episode where a former billionaire named Robert Lowery has recently passed away and, by lottery chance, instead of being sent to his universe's Hell, he's thrown into demonic hub connected to the multiverse where he gets a second chance in life to continue being a sinner and torment the living under a new name and a low rank, "Profundus: Tormentor Demon of Bee's". Upset about this, Profundus tries to find his way back to his world where he can say goodbye to his still-living wife one last time as well as finish up business for his company. But three unusual and colorful demons aren't going to make it easy for him.  For my last year in college, I worked on writing, storyboarding, and directing this entire pilot.
Hell to Pay Pilot Part 1
Hell to Pay pilot part 2
Hell to Pay Pilot part 5
Amber Gorce
About the Artist
Hello there, my name is Amber Gorce. I am an LA-Based Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, and Animator. Art has always stuck with me since I was just a little kid watching colorful and comedic cartoons, and I've always had a drive to tell stories and create brand new things, always pushing my creativity to go for more creative and intriguing stories and art. I look forward working with you!
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