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AirMedia is a feature available in Otis Smart Classrooms.

Students can wirelessly share content from their devices to the classroom projector.

Mobile devices (smartphones + tablets) can share photographs and documents.

Laptops can share any type of file on the desktop though you may need to download a separate application (Soundflower) for sound.

Faculty Instructions

Faculty need to select the "AirMedia" option from the touchscreen control panel FIRST

Specific instructions will be projected explaining how students can connect to the classroom AirMedia.


Student Instructions


Connect to the specific WiFi Network for the classroom:

  • Otis-AirMedia-3rd
  • Otis-AirMedia-5th

The WiFi password will be displayed on the projected instructions.



Mobile Devices > Download the Crestron AirMedia App for free

AirMedia App Icon

Laptops > Type the in the IP address  or full Http address listed on projected directions.



Mobile Devices > Launch App

Laptops > Open Downloaded Software



If you are on a Mac laptop, before you can connect to AirMedia, check the following settings:

  • Go to Applications > System > Preferences > Security & Privacy
  • Select the General tab
  • Under "Allow Apps Downloaded From" > select Anywhere



Select the AirMedia IP Address for the classroom you are in.

(ex. GAHMN309-AM01 = Rm. 309)



Enter the unique CODE as it appears on the classroom projected instructions.


AirMedia Sample Instructions



You will see a play button:

 AirMedia Play Button

Select to share media to projector.