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From Daphne: “My career began as a designer/illustrator in the toy industry. I created many toy designs for both girls and boys that targeted various age groups. Responsibilities included ideating/brainstorming, stylizing and designing toys/figures/soft goods/playsets, and seeing them through to manufacture. I enjoy coming up with new identities for brands as well as working within the constraints of existing brands. Later, I went into the film industry as a concept artist, where I applied similar practices and skills to concepts that ultimately became film. I created many different concepts for characters, creatures, costumes, props, and environments! I’ve worked on Avatar, Alice In Wonderland, Star Trek, Thor, and many others. I love designing bits and pieces from different worlds!”

See work by Daphne Yap here.

Alumnx Exploration Series: Daphne Yap (’04 BFA Toy Design)

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