Alan Chung

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Alan Chung

Presenting Alan Chung, Shooter of Hoops, the Pasta Maker, Smasher of Nintendo Characters, member of the White Sneakers Guild, Wearer of Flannels, the Cilantro Lover, Keeper of the Wi-Fi Router, and endowed with RBF of the highest order. Simply put, I like making cool stuff. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, XD, After Effects, and Lightroom as well as SketchUp.

The death of Kobe Bryant was one of those moments that everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing when they found out. My friends and I worked through our grief by designing a shirt that highlighted some of his greatest accomplishments. The shirt was not sold, but given freely to friends, family, the Los Angeles community, and anyone else who wished to honor his memory.

The visually striking typographic treatment was influenced by the longevity of Kobe’s career, his impact, and the unique fingerprint that he left on both the NBA and the world. May he, his daughter Gianna, and the others rest in peace.

The Creative Claraces (a portmanteau of the Latin words for “bright” and “line”) were made as part of a class assignment in which the objective was to create an individual manifesto. This manifesto consisted of a series of twelve methods to help stimulate creativity, hopefully illuminating a path towards a desired result.

The cards were visually inspired by tarot cards, and come with an accompanying booklet that outlines what each card means in addition to a small animation highlighting each card.

These mock billboards for Gatorade were created as part of a school assignment. We were tasked with creating a campaign for a company of our choice that included large scale graphics as well as a slogan for said campaign.

“Sweat Like You Mean It” is a slogan meant to inspire athletes to push themselves to their limit, while the different flavors of Gatorade masked within the text enforces the idea of replenishment. Both supply and demand are provided simultaneously in this campaign.

This was one of the first assignments I was given after transferring into Otis College. This series of posters reflects on dilapidated sites in Los Angeles and how their veritable deconstruction had transformed them into “graffiti galleries”.

Delicado is a publication that looks at the cross section between food and art. Filled with images of avant garde dishes and interviews from chefs that toe the edge of the culinary world, this publication is structured in such a way that highlights the similarities between the experiences of dining and art. 

Rowe of Venice is a company that works with larger health oriented grocery stores to sell their snack products. The owner of the company came to our class and we were tasked with providing him with a new brand identity which included a logo, packaging, and company shirts.

This rebrand was built from the company’s ideals of being raw, organic, and transparent about the ingredients they use in their products. These ideals were visually translated through the use of recyclable, windowed packaging, minimal typeface, as well as a slogan that reflected not only the company’s values but addressed the stigma of health food not tasting good.