Alessandro Cardona

Zbrush character sculpt
Painting of two soldiers making their way through a dimension door.
painting of two men arguing on a busy bridge
painting of a royal figure and a captured prisoner.
Environment painting of a man making his way to a distant castle.
Painting of a city scape from the height of a crane.
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Alessandro Cardona

I am an artist who strives to deliver modern and professional work.
My work varies from urban minimalist to fantastical pieces of nature. I paint fast and rough and enjoy an impressionistic look. I aim to make great video games.

A Zbrush character sculpt of a man holding the nickname Heat.

Two scarers working for Monsters Incorporated making their way through one the dimension doors to gather resources.

Two men argue over the direction they are supposed to go in order to find their sky ship. The directions were not clear and they are lost.

A man faces his judgment at the hands of the emperor after he is caught breaking the law.

A traveler finally sees his objective in a distant castle atop a mountain. His journey has just begun.

Looking over the tops of the buildings from the height of a large crane.