Alexej Hrajnoha

“Four Characters Standing in the Forest”
“6 etheral looking characters standing in a sky plane”
“four characters raising their glasses while a pile of coins sits on the table”
“Huge Goddess raising tendrils of ichor from the ground as a character runs away.”
“A tattered and worn spellbook”
“A bag that can fit much more than it looks like it can”
“Long Staff Decorated in many different carvings, and a small knife made of what seems to be bone meant for carving.”
“A sword with Runes glowing and a beautiful marble esque stone.”
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Alexej Hrajnoha

Hi! My name is Alexej Hrajnoha (they/them) I’m a concept artist graduating from OTIS College of Art and Design with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Media. I am extremely well versed in Digital Painting in Photoshop, and creating game assets in Zbrush and Maya. I’m a storyteller by nature and I love creating work that immerses you within a new world.

Main Characters of Runeria

Gods and Goddesses of the world Runeria

A quest is not truly completed without a celebratory round of ale!

DeIphine’s Might

By the looks of this Spellbook, you can tell it’s been through a lot.

What do all good adventurer’s need? That’s right! A bag of holding! You never know when that half eaten chocolate Croissant will come in handy!

A staff that seems to be passed down through the ages, the intricate patterns on the staff seem to be hand carved by each owner.

A sword that looks as if it were made for spellcasting, and a stone for sending messages back and forth...all stolen from his Father of course.