Aya Galgani

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Aya Galgani

Hi! I’m Aya Galgani, a visual designer graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a BFA in Communication Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design. My focus is branding and print/publication design, as well as illustration. I am experienced in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dimension, After Effects and Premiere, as well as Glyphs, Figma and CodePen. Since transferring to Otis from Pratt Institute in my second year, I have developed my design proficiency and professionalism through three internships, one of which led to a junior designer position, as well as ongoing freelance work. I was also able to spend my fall junior semester abroad at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in their Multimedia Design program. I love collaboration, typography, and incorporating analog processes in my work.

Cover and an intro spread of Eight Million Gods in LA, a 10-signature book that explores the importance of ephemera and everyday objects through the lens of Yao Yorozu No Kami, the Japanese animistic belief that there are an infinite amount of spirits attached to all things, even inanimate objects. 8”x10” intended to be inkjet printed and kettle-stitched with smaller inserts. Created in Senior Studio spring 2020.

A couple spreads from one individual's signature in the publication. I interviewed and collected items from eight young Japanese Americans living in Los Angeles. By showing these individuals’ objects and pieces of ephemera in a way that is removed from their given function and abstracted in form, I wanted to convey their energy—their emotional and nostalgic value. Text excerpts throughout are from Lyall Watson’s The Secret Life of Inanimate Objects. Created in Senior Studio spring 2020. Created in Senior Studio spring 2020.

Pages from a digital brand guide for Lifespan Of An Object, a weekly podcast series exploring everyday objects and materials that have been affected amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. As our access to certain objects and materials changes drastically, this is a platform to provide information and clarity in uncertain times. The tone of the limited series is informative and thought-provoking—a relevant and in-depth exploration of an object/material whose relationship, value, or access to us has been altered in some way. Created in Advanced Imagemaking spring 2020.

A page from the brand guide showing a Spotify profile mockup. Beginning the first week of the stay-at-home orders for California, the 5 weeks’ topics covered so far are: Toilet Paper, Surgical Masks, Sex Toys, Single-Use Plastics, and Cash. Created in Advanced Imagemaking spring 2020.

Section divider spreads from Spatial Awareness, an eight-chapter publication containing research and reflections on my design influences. These ranged greatly and though seemingly unrelated, they are connected and contextualized within this publication through the lens of perception and space, both conceptual and literal. This was used as research and development for my senior thesis project. Created in Senior Research fall 2019. More on jssaya.com

Logo for Vestige, an identity system created for a made-up group of people in a dystopian future. They have lost all senses besides sight, and have created a new system of communication based on color and form that they are trying to teach the new generation. I designed a Welcome Kit that includes all the tools needed for learning about and living in this new world. Created in Identity & Systems fall 2019. More on jssaya.com

Population map from Vestige, which one would be able to decipher and understand by using the three communication system guides in the welcome kit. Created in Identity & Systems fall 2019. More on jssaya.com

Sense is a publication exploring our sensory experiences and how they affect the navigation of our surroundings. This issue focuses on scent and memory, and how inseparable they really are. The content ranges from a scientific article on seeing smell, to screenshots of Instagram responses on what a photo smells like, to a photo essay titled “Los Angeles Smells Like Walking Home in the Summer”. A4, inkjet printed. Comes with die-cut stickers and a set of risograph prints showing the notes of a fragrance. Created in Visual Language fall 2019. More on jssaya.com

10(0) Year Flux is a zine highlighting specific instances of gentrification and development in the LA Arts District over the last ten years. Using screenshots from Google Street View 2009 and 2019, this zine speaks to the ability we all have to educate ourselves, while exploring how a place can shift and change in a ten-year span. This is all contextualized in the area’s shifting history that can be traced back 100 years. 10”x10” Risograph printed in blue and red. Created in Senior Capstone fall 2019. More on jssaya.com

Type specimen poster for BLN Grotesk, a monolinear, all-caps typeface inspired by the mid-century modern plakatstil movement. Designed in Glyphs in two weights, Regular and Bold, the lowercase is condensed and uppercase is extended. It is intended to be used mixed-case for design purposes. Currently supports western European accents. 11”x17” Risograph printed in blue and neon orange. Created in Type Design fall 2019. More on jssaya.com