Carson Voris

Team Missfits Fashion Doll Line
Team Missfits Fashion Doll Line
Messy Monsters Preschool Line
Wednesday The 15th Card Game
Sentimental Circus Traveling Carnival Vehicle Project
Concept Sketches
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Carson Voris

I am a toy designer with experience designing Girls toys and dolls and have an eye for all things cute. I am passionate and skilled at character design, concepting, unique storytelling, and collaborating with people who share my love of toys and games!

Team Missfits are the only cool, fun, D.I.Y filled fashion dolls for girls ages 5+ that encourage teamwork, creativity, and standing out from the sidelines! Team Missfits DIY their cheer uniforms with edge and their play pattern emphasizes fashion, hair, and entrepreneurial play.  

Each Team Missfits fashion doll comes with a safe and easy DIY set of wear and share accessories. 

Preschool boys will have hours of silly snacktime fun with the Messy Monsters, the cutest, craziest, color-changing creatures who REALLY need a bath! 

 Coming soon to a theater near you:
You were warned… You are probably doomed… but you still came to camp! Wednesday the 15th is the ultimate social card game of survival, betrayal, and MURDER! 

Ages: 12+
Players: 5-12 
Scene Deck
12 Casting Cards
12 Item Cards
24 Wound Tokens
12 Ghost Cards
5 Seance Cards
20 Second Timer
Rule Sheet

Sentimental Circus Traveling Carnival is the cutest interactive transforming sideshow on wheels for girls ages 5+ that allows them to be the ringmaster of their very own big top performance!

A collection of concept and character sketches, with an emphasis on doll and playset.

My 3D and prototyping work. Projects shown were modeled and rendered in Rhino 3D and ZBrush.