Christy Deng

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Christy Deng

Hello, I'm Christy Deng, a motion designer at Otis College of Art and Design. These past four years at Otis, I have developed and improved my skills in art and design through schoolwork, freelance work, and volunteer work. Each day I am learning new things in design and putting them into my own work. I thrive to become better at what I do and create visuals that are engaging to different audiences and can communicate stories to inspire others.

A documentary-style title sequence dedicated to my father and his hardships through his entire life--starting with his escape from the Vietnam War and ending with his immigration to America.

One of my main inspirations as a child was the show, Teen Titans. This is from a set of styleframes created as a redesign concept of the show's title sequence. Inspired by graphic, vector illustration and bright, vivid colors.

Styleframes designed for a public service announcement for Toys for Tots, an organization dedicated to giving toys to children in need during the holidays. Inspired by minimalist, vector graphic style.

A title sequence for the run-and-gun game, Cuphead. All game assets credited to Irane Some. Inspired by the 1920s' rubberhose animation, such as Mickey Mouse, Popeye, and Felix the Cat.

Styleframe designed for a documentary based on Armenian-American band System of a Down and their influence on the awareness of the Armenian Genocide. Inspired by grungy, collages and grittiness.

Styleframe from a title sequence designed for the show, Kim's Convenience. Inspired by collage-styles and bright colors to represent the characters of the show.

My motion design reel.