Curtis Merendo

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Curtis Merendo

Hi, my name is Curtis Merendo. I am an accountant transitioning to a 3D animator. I create a variety of 3D animations, ranging from exaggerated to realistic. I keep an open mind for my animations, in both the work I do alone and work I collaborate with others. In my off-time, I love playing video games, trying different food, and traveling.

Human character throwing a soccer ball.

The character realizes there is something fishy going on. 
 Audio is credited to The Office.

Human character performing a double take.

Human character doing a pull up.

Match moving a 3D character using "Flamingo Man" as real life reference. 
 Reference video is credited to Jujimufu.

Two characters fighting.
 Reference I used was from the movie "Wheels on Meals".

Two horse heads talking about the Dodge Durango vehicle. Practicing phonemes and lip sync.
 Audio credited to Conan.