Daniel Delgadillo

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Daniel Delgadillo

Heya, my name is Daniel Delgadillo and I am a story artist. In the past 4 years of my OTIS career I have completed my major in Animation and my minor in Creative Writing. I have been lucky to have some freelance opportunities in the past and I am excited to see where my career takes me next.

This is a concept piece used to pitch my senior project. This is a shot of the main character's bedroom right before he finds out that he has 5 minutes to get to class on time! Will he make it??

These are some turnarounds to reference for animation purposes. These are of the main character in both his sweater and his white shirt.

These are expression and hand reference pieces to help me understand where I should go with the main character when animating.

These are background character designs for my short film. These helped me figure out how I want the world to feel.

Robot conceptual study to figure out the tones I would use.

Robot turnarounds to help me figure out the way these robots work in space. The robots in this sheet are the final chosen robots for the film.