Dominique Victoria

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Dominique Victoria

My name is Dominique Victoria and I am a graduating Fine Arts major with an emphasis in Painting and deep inspiration from the Sculpture and New Genres area. I would describe most of my work as sculptural paintings and soft sculptures. Fabric and sewing are staples of my practice. My work during my time at Otis has largely been an exploration of power and power structures and how they can be conveyed through human bodies.

Whole, 2017
Oil on canvas, thread, needle
42 x 18 inches

Untitled, 2018
Handmade leather bondage suit, found objects
Dimensions variable

Pin the tail on the donkey, 2018
Oil on canvas, leather, mittens
40 x 20 inches

Open Me Up: A Book Series, 2020
Vinyl, leather, lycra, rope, ballgag, plaster, zip ties, hypodermic needles
15 x 26 inches

John from Raytheon, 2020
Oil paint, vinyl, satin, lycra, mixed media
70 x 60 inches

I Will Accept My Worship in My Way, 2019
Oil on chiffon
60 x 32 inches

GoddeXXX, 2019
Oil on chiffon
52 x 32 inches