Emily Koons

Snail Surprise Doll - Digital illustration
Its tea time for our snail doll and her pet snail! 
Verekai doll - Customized American girl doll
Mysterious Mummies: Aat - Illustration Marker
The Rescuers Down Under Mouse Mobiles: Miss Bianca - Digital illustration
The Rescuers Down Under Mouse Mobiles: Jake - Digital illustration
The Rescuers Down Under Mouse Mobiles: Bernard - Digital illustration
The Rescuers Down Under Mouse Mobiles - Digital illustration with background from The Rescuers Down Under
Amelia Doll concept - water color and digital
Action Figure Concept: Azar - Illustration Marker
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Emily Koons

My name is Emily Koons, and I am a toy designer and artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I started in fine art but always had a love for toys. In 2017 I started creating beadwork for collectible dolls. I worked at the Palo Alto American Girl store for 3½ years, and that experience combined with my beadwork helped me decide to pursue toy design. That led me to Otis, where I have been studying Toy Design for the past three years. I have enjoyed learning about digital drawing techniques and how to develop toy concepts. I hope my love of fine art and toys shows through in my work.

Snail Surprise is a charming series of dolls that provides pre-cool girls with animal-inspired fantasy play.

Snail Surprise doll in Playset - Digital illustration

I have always wanted to create a head to toe look for a large doll and that’s what I did here.  I spent a year making and beading her dress and shoes.  I also painted her face and styled her hair. 

Mysterious Mummies are a series of cuddly mummy friends that inspire children ages 5-8 to investigate the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Open their sarcophagi and unwrap the friends inside!

Miss Bianca’s car is made out of glamorous objects like a “handbag,” “perfume bottles,” and “cosmetic” packaging to compliment her character. 

Jake is Bernard and Miss Bianca’s guide to the Outback. His car reflects that sense of ruggedness.  It is made of an “old sarsaparilla can,”  “Vegemite container,” flashlights, “watch bands,” ”stove knobs,” and a compass.  

Bernard is a down on his luck mouse from New York City.  His vehicle reflects objects a mouse might find there.  It is made of a Chinese take out container (with some food leftover), Christmas lights, bottle caps, a paper clip, a tape dispenser,” and some fortune cookies. 

The Rescuers Down Under Mouse Mobiles are a line of “found object” Disney character vehicles that allow children and Disney fans to explore the world of the film. Ages 5 and up

Amelia is a slightly eccentric hairstylist who considers herself a marketing genius.  Kooky yet calm, her goal is to revolutionize the hair care industry with her latest inventions. 

Azar is the guardian with powers from the gemstone, Labradorite. She is mischievous with a strong sense of justice. Her Labradorite gem gives her the power to control Frozen Fire (ice with fire inside) and makes her a very strong magician.