Francesca Zeno

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Francesca Zeno

Hi! I’m Francesca Zeno, I am graduating from Otis College in May 2020 with a bachelors in Digital Media with an emphasis in motion graphics. I focus on graphic and UI design, and photography. I gained work experience from 2 internships, one at 20th Century Fox’s FoxNext, and have also worked at Otis as a graphic designer. I am experienced in Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Premiere, After Effects, Sketch, and C4D. I am skilled in graphic design, UX, UI, branding, photography, typography, video editing, and basic html/css. I’m inspired by nearly everything, from new technology to desolate towns. I am super excited to continue learning new skills and working on a wide array of contrasting projects!

Food Delivery UI - These are a few screens from my main senior project, a food delivery app concept. These were made in Adobe XD.

COVID-19 Dashboard - I designed this informational dashboard about the current pandemic since that is was is controlling all of our lives right now. I made this in Sketch.

Dreamstate - I originally designed this concept my sophomore year when I had been up for a few days due to intense insomnia. So, I figured I would take advantage of the extra time and design an app about something I couldn't do. I updated the designs this year, 2020, off of a bit more sleep. My full case study of this app can be found on my website!

Beer Fest Motion Collage

Classroom - Gary, Indiana

Methodist Church - Gary, Indiana

Catholic Elementary School - Detroit, Michigan