Gabriel Flores

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Gabriel Flores

Howdy! My name is Gabriel Flores and I am a Stop-Motion and 3D Animator from Los Angeles, California graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Media, specializing in Computer Animation. I am experienced in Adobe Creative Suite, Dragon Frame, and Maya. I fabricate vignettes, and am always searching for new skills and techniques to help me grow as an artist. What inspires me is being able to collaborate with fellow creatives of different backgrounds and incorporate what I learned from that experience into my work.

3D Animated Demo Reel

Stop-Motion Demo Reel

V3 Dance

Have you ever had a dream

V3 (Version 3) is a 1:6, ball socket armature vignette.

This is my puppet self. His name is Gabe. Short for "Gabriel's Puppet Self." Interior is made of aluminum wire. He's a cool dude.

This is Clay. He Is a vignette made out of Plasticine.

La Sirena is a 1:4 figure "reverse mermaid" with ball socket armature legs and hips, and plastic ball sockets spine for fishy mobility. The exterior is made of felt.

El Cucuy is made out of aluminum wire armature to give him noodle-like powers. Exterior is faux fur to keep him warm at night.

La Llorona, this spooky vignette is a 1:4 figure, She is made with ball socket armature and the exterior is felt. If you find her children please contact your local news.