Gwen Wen

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Gwen Wen

Hello! I am Gwen Wen, a Graphic Designer graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, specializing in editorial design and experience design. Being a Chinese immigrant, not only am I deeply immersed in eastern value and aesthetics, but also exposed to a widely diverse cultural melting pot in California. My design has been greatly inspired by this cultural integration. Additionally, I have developed my professional background from Landscape Architecture to Graphic Design and I love exploring across dimensions, different platforms and mediums. I am a multidisciplinary designer and a curious ideator. I believe design has no boundaries and every project is a unique story.

MIC wearables combine distinctive elements form Chinese culture and trendy American slangs to redirect people’s perspective of Made-in-China and to raise awareness of the true beauty of Chinese culture.

The clothing brand MIC plans to run a guerrilla campaign using wearable promotional posters.

This guidebook is designed for aliens to get to know Earth in the near future. The book is bound naked without a covered spine but with glue and neon pigment therefore it can be spotted in the dark (in the spaceship).

To help aliens better understand Planet 3, Earth, this guidebook showcases the peculiar and odd human subculture from each continent.

Seem to See is a project exploring the concept of what is real and what is fantasy. Throughout this reader, there are constant unexpected visual interruptions that aim to give the audience different surprises.

There is a group of people who are defined as “crazy” and constantly misunderstood and isolated by others. Mirus is an educational institution where people gifted with unusual thoughts and strange beliefs can channel their uniqueness into success. This project is an explorative visual identity system built around this fictional institution that believes genius comes in all shapes and sizes.

Shanzhai is a Chinese slang used to describe something as fake, knock off, or counterfeit. Shanzhai is not only referring to fake products but also an anti-mainstream action expressing its unique point of view. Intrigued by this phenomenon, I created a poster booklet Second Hand Design to visualize my research and communicate the idea “the original is the copy, the copy is the original”.

A Shanzhai (aka knock-off) magazine cover copying Vice Magazine.

Overpopulation in Asia is generally considered as a major issue. However, our project aims to present the beautiful system hidden in these densely populated metropolitans. We, three of the group members, all come from different major cities in Asia which are Mumbai, Taipei and Guangzhou. There is a particular flavor that comes from living in a city surrounded by millions of people, the flavor of togetherness, social belonging and fast-paced urbanization. Our project is to invite you to walk in and experience the nature of the east.