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Fruity Squeeze
Fruity Squeeze
Vest Pest
Vest Pest
True's Rainbow Bike
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Heather Kim

I have loved to draw and ideate for as long as I can remember! I love telling stories through character design and illustrations. I am all about teamwork and creativity, so I love ideating with new and different people. Because I love being able to express personality through character design and color, I help small beauty business brands to create their logo and help brand their name. I am a very optimistic, enthusiastic, hard worker that fuels off my passion to create! I loved toys when I was a kid and I wanted to become a toy designer so I could create toys that bring joy like how it did for me.

Fruity Squeeze are cute and fruity babies that love to spend time in their smoothie pools! 

The pool (which is also the packaging) would be a unique smoothie glass and within the glass is fun textured slime! The slime will come with fruit charms according to the baby and the texture of the slime will feel like a cool slushy!

Vest Pests are vermin preschool plush toys for boys with the purpose of encouraging kids to use their motor skills

Vest Pests have different clothing functions like buttons, zippers, velcro, clips, buckles, and even rockstar hair play!

True's Rainbow Bike was a licensed ride-on vehicle I designed for the show True and the Rainbow Kingdom. The bike includes various characters from the show incorporated into the vehicle so that the child can feel like they are really in the Rainbow Kingdom

Order Up is a restaurant themed card game I designed. This is the packaging that I have made for the product. I wanted to give it a very simple feel and create a dome plate cover for the dinner theme of my game. 

Lady Sk8's are funky and cool skater girl doll line. Each girl is diverse in personality and appearance. I wanted to use a trendy concept of skater girls and E-girls because of platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram have been full of these looks.

These are a couple illustrations I did apart from toy related drawings. I did fashion studies of Harajuku fashion and even stylized well known characters like Mulan and Suki from Fast and Furious.