Helen Espana

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Brett Kavanaugh Many Faces Ballpoint Op-ed Gorry Art Disturbing
Editorial Illustration Op-ed Boredom Cool Girl Bubblegum Nature Peace
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Textile Design Surface Design Patterns Colors Repeat
Textile design surface design repeat colors patterns  Eccentric Leaf Nature Merchandise Clutch Bag Bold
Friends Faces Pattern Art Design Textile
Faces Pattern Design Textile Odd Colors Repeat Illustration
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Helen Espana

Hello there, I am Helen Espana graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020, attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts with an emphasis in illustration. My professional background has progressed with a design internship and continues as a freelance illustrator/designer for the past year. I am a multidisciplinary artist with experience in digital design and traditional artwork, such as; digital painting, color reduction, and cleaning, printmaking, surface design, sketching, drawing, and art. Furthermore, I have experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I love creating unique illustrations and designs and thrive substantially on collaboration.

A Bad Brains Gig Poster carved out from a linoleum block and hand-printed onto mulberry paper. Finalized digitally with color.

Ballpoint pen illustration of The Many Faces of Brett Kavanaugh, for an op-ed article. Finalized digitally with color.

A digital illustration in response to an article from Aeon magazine called,” Boredom is but a window to a sunny day beyond the gloom”, the assignment was to convey a sense of chaos and bring in extreme detail all while conveying the key points of the article.

Digital drawing of Glenn Danzig for Editorial Illustration, the assignment was to have a family member or friend choose an artist, singer, actress, author, etc, and draw that person in the most effective way in order to give the viewer clues about this person's role or status in society or his or her field or effect on the world. 

Eccentric Leaf Pattern for Fall 2019 surface design portfolio. Part of a series of patterns that share common qualities like color pallet and concept. 

Eccentric Leaf Pattern printed on a leather clutch for Fall 2019 surface design portfolio. 

Eccentric Friends pattern for Fall 2019 surface design portfolio, It is part of a series of patterns that share common qualities like color pallet and concept. 

A pattern of faces for a self-curated surface design project that has a series of patterns with shared commonalities. Taking learned techniques of seamless repeat, color reduction, cleaning color, and bringing back to life ballpoint sketches. The patterns share some unique qualities of mesoamerican art and contemporary culture.