Isabella Labriola

Dishes displayed on some white open shelves. The dishes are designed so that they stack on top of eachother to look beautiful in profile. The bowls and the cups are rounded on the sides and have a small protrusion on the bottom of the dish that fits into the top of the next dish, adding stability for the height that they get. They are shown here in neutral desert inspired colors.
Ceramic tile that is made with differently shaped protrusions coming off of the front of it. The protrusions are intended to give the orchid roots something to hold onto as displayed by my model with a plant growing on it.
A ceramic light with open ended cylinders protruding from a center point  shaped like a toy jack with the light fixture coming out of one side. Made from coffee colored ceramic withe bottom inch of each cylinder painted in white glaze that has little white specks in it. The whole thing is glazed glossy and and shiny
What first appears to be just a wooden table is revealed by the sketches and photos to also be a desk! The table top flips up on either side to show that there is desk space underneath with enough clearance to comfortably leave your computer and hang some pictures on the inside of the lid.
 Wireless speaker made in the shape of a stone. There is an exploded view with callouts next to an image showing the front and back of the design. It is made from a smooth, glossy white plastic and has hexagonal speaker holes covering the top in a shape that flows with the top of the form.
Carry-on bag made out of undyed vegetable tanned leather. A triangular-prism shaped bag, it opens along it’s top edge and has two long straps intended to be able to wear over one shoulder or across both. What appears to be a pocket on the front actually detaches to be a small secondary bag.  There are handmade aluminum and brass feet folded over the bottom corners and the bag is sewn together by hand.
Orange jacket that is folded over at the sleaves. The large good is made so it drapes across the shoulders from the center of the front. The exposed inside of the hood, the upturned sleaves and front of the coat all expose that the seams are all finished with cream colored binding.  The jacket is also a cropped style, the bottom falling at the waist.
A set of two rings intending to be used as an engagement ring and wedding band set. The outsides of the rings are copper with a silver lining on the inside surface. The wider, decorative one has a scalloped edge, hand cut to create a decorative flair. The wedding band is a thin dainty band complimenting the engagement ring by being the third of the width of both of them stacked together. Being handmade these two are perfect in their imperfections.
An engagement-style ring made out of silver with a square-shaped yellow sun stone in the center and two green triangle shaped peridot stones on either side. The page also shows some samples of sketches and a mood board displaying the inspiration for the project.
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Isabella Labriola

My work is inspired by my love of research, nature, and human behavior.  

The home and a feeling of belonging are vital for humans. I enjoy exploring how to use design to encourage these connections. I believe designed objects should go beyond being decoration or function. They should trigger an emotional response.

By integrating rational design and nature-inspired forms, I hope to add beauty and meaning to functional, everyday items. To create well-crafted products, their quality increasing the connection that these objects can have—giving them the potential to become an extension of oneself and contribute to an idea of home. I hope to create objects which inspire the users to find meaning, joy, and comfort. 

As humans, our homes are incredibly important to us. Our homes are our nests, and it means a lot to us to customize them to suit our tastes and preferences. For those living a minimal lifestyle, the trends of open shelving in kitchens are all the rage as a response to less space and smaller kitchen. NYTO dishwear is a blend of using the aesthetic of flatware to add visual value to kitchen spaces.

Orchids are a very commonly abused plant that is often killed due to overwatering. In nature, most orchids grow best on the sides of trees. This is a symbiotic relationship; the humidity and the fungi that keep the orchid healthy also help the trees. The bark of the trees also offers an excellent hold for the orchids, and the filtered light through the canopy makes for optimal orchid growing conditions. These wall-mounted orchid planters are made out of terracotta clay, simulating the moisture retention and humidity of living on a tree. The peg placement and placement on the walls would also beautifully simulate their natural growth pattern! 

For this design, I began with the shape that would work best for the overall functions. Arialuce is a beautiful multi-faceted light that can be used effectively in many ways. It can be out on a short or tall lampstand, hung as a pendant light, or set on a table or shelf as a sculpture/light fixture.

Separation of work and home is essential to the health of the human mind and the ability to focus and relax. This becomes more difficult as people surrender space for the ease of living in cities. Apartments are growing smaller and more expensive every year, but humans still have the same needs for separation. This transforming piece makes it easy and comfortable to work in the shared space of the home. 

It creates mental separation by empowering the user to close work away, computer and all, when it is time to stop. Placing the workspace safe and out of sight instead of nagging in the corner of one’s vision. Encouraging relaxation and better sleep.

This separation also creates a focused workspace to answer emails, pay bills, or work from home, even making it more comfortable should a global pandemic cause the need to stay inside and encouraging healthy work habits and more peaceful time at home.

Making everyday objects beautiful is an easy way to personalize your space and decorate without adding things. Speakers are a great opportunity to do so. Most speakers have the obvious and clinical look of being electrical devices. The Pebble speaker is inspired by the organic form of a stone, made in neutral colors that can fit with most aesthetics. It is wireless, so it does not just blend with someone’s decor, but actively adds to it!

Carry on luggage is dull and uniform, there are very few sizes and material options. If you want anything smaller than a hard bag, the options are few and flimsy.  These bags are designed to be replaced and break and fall apart very easily in ways that are not repairable. The Thea bag is made from undyed leather that celebrates every spill, scuff and scrape as a reminder of trips past. It is a traveling story that inspires trips to come! Thea is designed to unfold like a flower in bloom, age beautifully, and be easily repaired and patched as needed.

People who have skin that is sensitive to the sun have very few if any, fashionable UV protective clothing options that would make it more comfortable and stress-free to spending time outside. The SOL Jacket is stylish sun protection that can be easily incorporated into any outfit. Sturdy enough for hikes and camping, yet breezy enough for comfortable days on the beach, the SOL jacket is made out of UV protective fabric and is versatile enough for any sunny outdoor adventure. 

I wanted to create a ring that could make a beautiful engagement ring, not made out of expensive materials or stones—just using the shape of the ring and the natural beauty of the metal. Copper is stunning and incredibly affordable; the only downside is it has a chemical reaction that turns most people green. I remedied that by covering the inside of the ring in a band of silver. What began as a practical choice also functions as a beautiful metaphor for marriage, creating a ring that ages beautifully without the need for servicing. Adding the matching wedding band made it a beautiful set.

I have always been in love with the bright colors of the garden, and the jewel tones of spring, I was so excited to utilize them in my designs. I love that semi-precious stones are getting a chance to shine in fashion this year. With this line of thinking, I wanted to design engagement rings that would be affordable and unique, allowing a new level of displaying one’s love of nature within geometric, minimal, and modern designs.