Jamie Chen

ClinG; anxiety-reducing rings. – color-ways.
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Jamie Chen

We live in a world of constant flux. Today unprecedented changes are happening in all areas of our lives.  

As a designer, my philosophy is to design products that respond to these changes and to be able to adapt, improvise and to create innovative solutions that will improve people's lives, make them happy, healthy, and productive. 

10:05 Jewelry Box

10:05 is a unique jewelry box that is easily mounted on the wall like a wall clock.  The back layer is made out of walnut and has 15 round circular compartments.

The top layer is made from maple and has a large and small hole.  The top layer is rotated and aligned to the bottom layer revealing what is inside that compartment and can be taken out.  The large compartments can hold necklaces and bracelets.  The smaller compartments can hold earrings, rings, and smaller pieces of jewelry.      


The DA-DA-DA alarm clock is a redesign using the existing interior components as a reference. The new design is a pentagonal form with a wood finish.  

The image was rendered using the 3D CAD software - Solidworks.


Swing is a counter display for rings that rotates 360 degrees.  The wood pieces are unique laser die-cut patterns.  The rack is made out of wood and acrylic. It is designed for easy assembly.


ClinG is a ring collection each uniquely designed with a playful look.  The crown element of each ring is also unique and fun to fiddle with reducing nervousness or anxiety.  The pieces on each ring use magnets for connections and can be removed and re-attached.  The middle ring (in the picture) is designed for males, the one on the right is designed for females and the one on the left is a unisex design.

ClinG – Variations

The ClinG rings concept offers any brand a wide variety of colors and designs allowing buyers to customize their own unique ring design.