Javier Diaz

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Javier Diaz

My love of gardening has been an influence on me as a person and as a designer. I am an advocate for sustainability and care deeply about our environment.

As a product designer, I believe it is my duty to design for our future and take into consideration every aspect of a design – from start to finish. From the material from which it is made to how it is ultimately disposed of.

Minors in sustainability and contemporary clay allowed me as a designer to understand how my favorite medium clay can be used as a sustainable material to replace more harmful production methods.


A towel holder inspired by the Riva yacht brand that is constructed from high-quality teak wood and stainless steel.

Rx Drop

A dispenser that reduces the possibility of human error when taking multiple prescription medications, supplements, or vitamins.

Door Drey

A customizable entryway storage system designed to offer a more ritualistic entrance and exit of a home, a separation of interior and exterior worlds, and the encouragement of relaxation through better organization.

Sanuk Packaging Redesign

A redesign of Sanuk’s flip-flop packaging using a more sustainable approach by reducing materials and incorporating recycled, reusable, and biodegradable materials.


A storage bench that brings meaningful beauty to a functional object through the celebration of traditional crafts such as joinery and the dying language of weaving.

Long Weekender

A travel bag with an unobtrusive look featuring two waterproof compartments  for the needs of a long weekend.


These easily installed pendulum lights were designed to reduce packaging waste by using their flat-pack design as part of the product.

Burning Wood

This high-fire ceramic incense holder was inspired by the dis-attachment we feel to the materials from which our products are constructed.

Air One

Pots and planters are only suitable for traditional plants. This high fire ceramic vase was specifically designed to meet the needs of an air plant.

Land & Air

Unlike traditional planters, this high-fire ceramic planter was designed to be a home for both soil-based and air plants.