Jenny S. Kyun

During one of Dawn's night schemes, she notices someone approaching her, and reaches for her gun in the middle of the alleyway
A drawing of Dawn in her darkly lit bedroom as she plans her next scheme
An interior design of Dawn's bedroom
Weapon designs that Dawn uses to take down her enemies.
Shimchung, in a wedding gown, is throwing herself overboard a boat to the dragon king.
Shimchung standing in the sunset with her lotus dress
A girl is being resurrected as cloth begins to wrap around her. She is being illuminated by the light below her
Violet Parr is in her bedroom eating ice cream after her date "ditches" her
A Pokeball being lit by a sliver of light with energy balls surrounding it.
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Jenny S. Kyun

Hello, I am Jenny S. Kyun, a Korean American visual development artist and Illustrator. I major in Digital Media with a concentration in Concept Design. I have worked at a studio called Brand New School as a design intern where I worked on commercials for Google, Quaker Oats, and One-A-Day. I am very experienced with all the Adobe creative suite programs along with Cinema4D. I love to create detailed art with beautiful color and lighting that express story and evoke emotions.

This is an illustration from my original story, At Dawn. Dawn is a Korean-American vigilante and it takes place in LA. When her brother is convicted of a murder he didn't commit, she becomes disillusioned with the law and takes matters into her own hands. During one of her nightly schemes, she notices someone approaching her and reaches for her gun.

Dawn is back in her studio home, planning her next scheme to take down the guys who framed her brother.

An interior design of Dawn's bedroom.

The weapons that Dawn uses to take down her enemies. They are stealthy, quick and lethal

A drawing from the Korean Folktale, The Tale of Shimchung or also called A Filial Daughter, Shimchung. It is a story about a young girl named Shimchung and all the sacrifices she makes to help her blind father. In this drawing, she sacrifices herself to the dragon king so that her father's debts would be paid off.

After Shimchung sacrifices herself to the Dragon king, she lives underwater with the king for awhile. When the king sees that she misses her father dearly, he sends her back to land but in the form of a lotus flower. During the night, she is able to transform back into her human form. This is her character design as a human but with a traditional dress inspired by the lotus flower.

A redesign of the Fifth Element scene when Leeloo is resurrected. I reinterpreted the classic sci-fi film into something more magical and spiritual.

I wanted to create a scene that wasn't in film, the Incredibles 2. It is after Violet gets "ditched" by her date and she is moping in her bedroom.

A study on color and lighting with a Pokeball.