Jenny Sorto

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Jenny Sorto

I’m Jenny Sorto, an illustrator with a love for bright colors, fun lettering and patterns. My illustrations are influenced by youth culture, fashion, music and Los Angeles. My approach to color is a key part of my artistic practice that brings the audience into my creative world. Besides my figurative illustrations, I also enjoy experimenting with words to create lettering that speaks the same visual language as my other works. I like to work in multiple mediums, from digital drawings to painting in gouache and acrylic.

"60’s Sunglasses" Novelty print inspired by retro sunglasses. Part of a collection of prints paying homage to vintage textiles and patterns. Ink and digital.

"Love the Way You’re Breaking My Heart" An Imagined poster for the band COIN. The themes of love and heartbreak in the band’s music inspired the composition of the figures, the color palette and the Valentine’s Day date for the fictional show. Digital, ink and gouache.

"How to be Bored" A response to an article about what it means to be bored and how boredom comes from a need for constant stimulation. These feelings are reflected through the abundance of activities done by the character in the illustration. Digital.

"Boy in Jeans" Illustrations part of a series inspired by songs from the album, Boy in Jeans, by Ryan Beatty. Gouache. Left: "Cupid", unrequited love and hopefulness Right: "Powerslide", the feeling of summer in suburbia

"Zoe" Portrait of Zoe Kravitz as her character Rob, a record shop owner, in the show “HIgh Fidelity”. Digital.