Jessica Alexander

The Three Kings Painting
These are two armor builds I did inspired by both color versions of the Cheshire cat if they were both brought into a Dungeons and Dragons universe.
These are two full costume builds I focused on in order to explore a little more into mechanical and electrical engineering when it came to prop devices.
Spryte Incense Holder and Burner
A meditative aid to help tune a multi-dimensional organism.
 traveling golem installations that act as community spaces
A coat and wallet made for PsykoTwerp.
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Jessica Alexander

I like to lean into the chaotic parts of life and live in the liminal space. I am interested in pushing the boundaries of what compromises reality and testing the limits of what creation can outlet. I want to explore the many dimensions of being (emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical) that humans experience through focusing on authenticity and how that can lead to self-agency. My personal work is a gothic, neon, acid-washed way I interpret the unseen realm and I try to use these visuals as a means to communicate and understand faith and spirituality in a way that rebrands it within modern contexts. My ultimate aim is to offer a more constructive and holistic conceptual model for mental health and to bring active consciousness back to lifestyle habits and issues.

The Three Kings

This is an example of some of the paintings that I do. This one, specifically, came out of what I consider to be the first stage of my personal spiritual awakening and was paramount to me focusing on and pursuing the things I am now. Today, most of my artwork involves some sort of spirit channeling and cleansing.

Cheshire Cat Mage and Archer

This is another costume build project used to explore armor-building. The two styles and color versions were inspired by the Cheshire cat if he were part of the Dungeons and Dragons universe. 

The DreamEater and a Cyberpunk Demon

In these two full costumes build I wanted to maintain an interpretive gothic style while at the same time do a deeper dive in exploring the use of mechanical and electrical engineering principals as applied to prop devices.

The first costume was built around modified stilts and requiring me to explore balance, materiality structure and weight in relation to building up height. The second costume provided me with the opportunity to learn circuitry basics in order to articulate the wings with a motor and switch. I was able to get the wings to raise to a 15-foot wingspan and the whole build to illuminate in 7 areas. 


The Hood is covering that helps monitor your heart rate and provides a space for emotional and mental decompression.

The hood connects to your heartrate via Fitbit or Apple watch and if your heart rate becomes irregular it will administer a gentle buzz giving you the option to pull the hood down leading you through a guided breathing meditation done with illuminated fabric.

This was designed to be used by individuals with hypersensitive anxiety disorders or PTSD but could also be used for children or for individuals with disabilities that involve hypersensitivity to physical stimuli.

Psycho Twerp is a brand that focuses on spirituality and myth within the contexts of modern day.  The brand produces imagery and products designed to help bring awareness back to certain habits or issues-specifically mental health related to the exploration of our spiritual and visual relationship with them. Its focus is to draw attention to and promote intentionality and active consciousness by exploring magic and self-agency. The ultimate goal is to offer a way to visualize and understand spirituality that promotes healthy spiritual practices and make sense in and are adapted to the modern age.

Spryte Incense Holder and Burner

This is the start of a line of products being developed for PsykoTwerp. Calcyfer and Caystor came out of the ether to me. They are little sprytes that act as the physical and visual representation of a Sigil a symbol used in magic. They act as good catalysts for this line of Psyko Twerp products by focusing on the use of amorphous surreal creatures and using them to act as bedside or tabletop holders.  Additional product adaptations could include jewelry, candles, incense, books, tea, keys, and more.

Dimension Seekers

Uniquely styled eyewear that serves as a meditative tool to help block out external stimuli to enhance greater focus on or align to another realm of being (be it spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional).  This meditative aid helps fine-tune a multi-dimensional organism (human species).

Traveling Urban Golems

A project proposal for a set of traveling golem installations that act as community spaces, gardens, altars, group canvas, etc. The goal is to create an engaging community space that provides an opportunity for people to interact, share and explore new possibilities for attunement. 


Exploration in expanding the Psyko Twerp brand into a fantasy fashion line of wearable accessories and selected wardrobe.  The gothic style with character personality accents are integrated into the design creating a distinctive personal persona.