Jessica Archibeque

Drama Queens Transforming Doll Playset
Findables Preschool Game
Luminescence Preschool Line
Silly Kitchen Preschool Game
Lisa Frank Vehicle Playset
Lisa Frank Vehicle Playset Demo
Cooking Mama Game Console
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Jessica Archibeque

Hello, my name is Jessica Archibeque and I'm a Toy Designer that's passionate about the process of creating Preschool and Girls Toys. I enjoy brainstorming, collaborating, and creative problem-solving. My strengths are concept development, toy features, and 3D Modeling/Prototyping. I mostly find inspiration in the children that I work with. I’ve worked with and taught children for almost 10 years now. My passion is creating a better world and experience for as many children as I can and to bring a smile to their face. My career goals are to work for a company that’s passionate about what they do and encourages their designers to be innovative.

 The stage is set, let the show begin! Drama Queens are the dolls that come with their very own surprise playsets built right in. The tabletop “dress theater” features dress up and hair play, but as always your imagination is your best styling tool.

Grab a friend and work together to find some new animal friends with Findables the fun and addictive game for preschoolers. Designed to teach colors, prepositions and deductive reasoning. So easy to learn it will quickly become a family favorite.

Nighttime is never scary with Luminescence the bedtime friend that encourages children 3+ to overcome their fear of the dark by providing comfort and light

Silly Kitchen Is the stacking game that encourages kids 4 and up to play with their food while also learning shape and texture association and practice fine motor skills.

The vehicle Playset that encourages girls 4+ to be creative and express themselves through the use of DIY and Role play

Open view of the playset

Nintendo Labo inspired cooking game console that combines traditional play patterns with new technology.