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Joel Harris

Hello, my name is Joel Harris and I’m a Los Angeles based visual artist and designer graduating from Otis College in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts, with an emphasis in graphic design and motion graphics. I was a gallery represented artist for 10 years before continuing my education at Otis. I’ve developed my professional background through my prior work as an artist, as well as freelance design work over the past 5 years, and recently designed the logo and campaign branding for an Independent presidential candidate. 

I am experienced in all aspects of visual design, including typography, branding, photo editing, motion graphics, publication, and layout. Additionally, I’m highly experienced in the Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). A few areas of interest are mindfulness and creativity, as well as the arts, entertainment, and wellness industries. 

A new video installation titled, TRUMP: A Deeper Look, provides insight into the inner-workings of Donald Trump through the lense of his highly traumatic childhood. The video installation borrows image overlay, stacking, voiceover, and collage from 4D Video. The arrangement of TV’s and audio creates an anthropomorphic interaction with the viewers. The visuals connect TRUMP with childhood trauma, past and present. Photo collage, video, and motion graphics by Joel Harris.

An Augmented Reality poster announcing an exhibition about Trump and Childhood Trauma will provide another level of interactivity for guests. With the use of a free App, visitors will have a window into the exhibition and see another aspect of TRUMP and childhood trauma. The intimate encounter with the poster is also an opportunity for self-reflection. Poster design and motion graphics by Joel Harris.

Augmented Reality / AR Poster Concept/ Motion Design by Joel Harris/ This video will play over a static, printed poster, viewable via an APP (Artivive) on a mobile device. VISIONISM is the embodiment of the non-dual state of consciousness that acts as the basis for creating art and design. Non-duality is the realization that everyone and everything is an interconnected whole, a living, eternal, consciousness that is the source of all that is, and our true identity beyond form. Accessing the non-dual state is a tool for insight, inspiration, and clarity of purpose and intention.

18x24” Artwork by Joel Harris; Materials: lazercut photo collage using an old 1976 Glen Campbell record cover, also, photographed the original album cover and then printed on archival paper larger. This is a study of time. What is time?

I’m creating a series of fine art digital and analog/mixed media images related to cannabis that will include inspirational quotes about meditation in order to educate cannabis users about its use as a tool for meditation and self-realization. 

Mindfulness is making its way into many aspects of the western world. Mindfulness classes are being held in police academies, hospitals, yoga studios, and all levels of the education system. One area where I’d like to see mindfulness expand is within the mainstream cannabis industry. The mainstream media tends to focus on two aspects: cannabis as a drug or cannabis as a medicine. While those two aspects are important topics, the use of cannabis as a spiritual tool can lead to expanded consciousness, the dissolution of ego, can enhance the creative process.

Stop Motion Video, Communication Arts Graphic Design Junior Exhibition; April 25th, 2019. Photography, video editing, stop motion, and motion graphics by Joel Harris.

Stop Motion Video, Communication Arts Graphic Design Junior Exhibition; April 25th, 2019. Photography, video editing, stop motion, and motion graphics by Joel Harris.

Deep in the Amazon jungle, a tribe of shamanic warriors has thrived for thousands of years using a mind-altering brew called ayahuasca. This typeface blends the geometric patterns from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, and the serpent-like curves often seen in ayahuasca visions.  

Ayahuasca is a blend of two modern typefaces: the elegantly curved, Escafina Low and the digitally inspired OaklandTen. Both join together to create this unique blend which merges the organic with the mathematical; nature VS machine. Use this display typeface to create modern headlines and title treatments.

Near Future Publication/Book Design. Challenge: Design a publication for a specific segment of people from the near-future. This project covered a ten-week intensive design of a publication that incorporates both text and image. The book sourced and combined various textual, informational, visual, and typographic content directed to a specific audience. Special care was taken to tailor the format and materiality to my specified audience: entrepreneurial survivors of the apocalypse.