John Wyatt

The reconfigurable train set for designed for future builders
Giddy Up Henry is the rock n' ride on toy that grows with you
Last Bar Left
The game of neural linkage and color connection
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John Wyatt

Originally from Philadelphia, with a background as a professional ballet dancer, my education has given me an unconventional set of skills. Working best in a hands-on, multi-media environment my focus is on physical and computer-aided prototyping, blue sky ideation, and concept marketing and presentation. Performing on stages most of my life has given me the ability to lead a room comfortably, but also actively engage with members of my team by listening to their ideas and aiding in their communication. One of the most important things I've learned in my career which drives my work, is how failure is as valid as success. I am not afraid to speak up and ask questions, look at problems from an outside perspective, and go against the norm in an effort to discover what could be possible. My practice as a creator reaches far outside of toy design, and I hope to use my experiences to make products that are both impactful and purely playful.

The reconfigurable train set for designed for future builders! Made for ages three and up and inspired by die-cast construction vehicles, Traxx Trains is the ultimate building train kit that fits classic wooden train track scale. 

Giddy Up Henry is the rock n' ride on toy that grows with you! Designed with an easy to assemble and easy to ship flat pack design, Henry's three different riding modes provide you with years of growable fun. Whether you're ready to rock, push, or pump all you need to do is tell Henry to giddy up!

You may never make it home, but you'll never go thirsty at the Last Bar Left! Tended by the ever extravagant, ever drunk but somehow still standing Chef Henry, the Last Bar Left is the place in the universe lost hopes tend to end up. Drifting along in a rip in the space time continuum there is no obvious way to leave, but there's plenty of not water to drink in the meantime!  


The game of neural linkage and color connection! In our body, cells called Neurons transmit electrical impulses and chemical signals between areas of the brain and our nervous system. Consisting of two basic parts, an axon and a dendrite, these tree like structures are used to transmit and receive messages. Coming from the Greek word synapsis meaning “conjunction”, a Synapse is our bodies process of neural communication. In the game Synapse, players will compete mentally to make synaptic color connections that outsmart their opponent!

Thatsynth by Thatmusic is a modular, digitally controlled monophonic synthesizer, analog DAW, and wave sampler. A hybrid of analog and digital electronics bring you the best of both worlds in this modular tape deck style synth. With a shape inspired by sinusoidal and sawtooth waves and a playful primary color scheme, Thatsynth is half instrument and half fun box providing you with a synth experience that is both playful and professional.