Julie Tefoe

This work shows a black and white pencil drawing of an outreached hand. The arm is wrapped in wire-like vines, that lead up the arm and to the hand where the vines then sprout upward into small flowers that are very light pink, to show the life that comes with growth.
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Julie Tefoe

Hello, my name is Julie Tefoe and I am an Illustrator graduating from Otis College Of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication Arts, with a minor in Community Arts Engagements. I have had the pleasure of interning as an assistant Art Teacher at Loyola Village Elementary School. I also worked as an Art Specialist for two years on the East Coast with various age groups. I am experienced in Photoshop and InDesign, along with many technical skills such as screen printing, ceramics, painting, and book-making. I have a strong and humble work ethic and the desire to help others learn and grow. I am constantly pushing myself to improve and learn both as an artist and a human in this world.


I created this piece when I found myself to be overwhelmed with work and emotions. I created each mandala digitally through an application called SketchBook provided on SurfacePro. I realized that the production of these shapes and patterns soothed me, and allowed me to trust the process rather than to critically plan the production of the piece. I found myself to be at ease with my thoughts while creating each unique design. I have the intention of turning this piece into coloring pages, so that others can also enjoy the therapeutic experience. 

Gnome Village Is a 24 x 28 inch drawing I created using colored pencil on Canson paper. This piece tells the story of Forest Gnomes and how they live in their fairy-tale world. I created this piece because I am fascinated in the art of story-telling, and having the ability to create a new world with the use of your mind. This Gnome Village is an interpretation of how strong my imagination can truly be. 

Experimental Mandala Screen print is just one of the many in the collection I created while I had the opportunity to take a printmaking course. I was able to produce something that fits my creative style while also experimenting with a new art technique.

"Gnome at Home" sculpture was created for an Alternative Materials course, where students have the opportunity to work with different materials and experiment with whatever they choose. I decided to create a Gnome house that would depict a real-life version of my other work, "Gnome Village" a drawing I made representing an imaginary Gnome world. I created the structure of the house with the use of two plastic buckets, paper mache, and standard white ceramic clay. I also sculpted a gnome in the same clay material, allowing it to air dry and then used acrylic paint for the finishing touches. The Gnome House is spray painted a metallic brown, allowing the sculpture to illuminate itself in the light, giving the piece even more whimsy.

This piece is from an illustrated book series that I created in relation to my father and his personal journal that I possess. The work exemplifies the growth in a human and the way we change and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.