Kasandra Cabrera

A moving image of a starry sky.
Javi listens to music, but is suddenly disturbed by an intense light that is coming towards him.
Javi watches the flickering star from his bed.
A star is coming closer and closer. Javi gapes as he braces for impact.
Javi is shocked and jolts out of bed.
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Kasandra Cabrera

My name is Kasandra Cabrera. I am an animator who is interested in telling stories that take people on a journey from this planet into a fantastical one.

Part of a title scroll for my work-in-progress film.

The opening shot. It introduces Javi, a lonely child who has no friends. He is alone in his room.

Another part of the short film. Javi notices a distant star coming closer and closer...

The star starts to flicker abnormally. Nothing seems too out of place. Yet.

Javi is shocked. He sees that the star in not just something, it is someone.

The star is now appearing in his room. All Javi can do is act out in shock.

Finally, Javi meets the star. An alien girl named Weaver. This is their first meeting.