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Lorenzo Crump

Hello! My name is Lorenzo Crump and I am a fun, creative toy designer! I have always had a passion for toy design, I used to be in animation, but I switched to toy design since I believe that it is my mission to create awesome and unique products. I am even more enthusiastic when I have the opportunity to work with others and create something different and trend-setting. I offer expertise in character design, visual development, ideation, and illustration. I am passionate for colors, putting life into art, and draftsmanship. My strengths include working well with others, time management, and visualization.

Chomp Chics is the edgy action figure line for girls ages 6+ that shows being bad once-in-a-while is good. Especially when you take over the world to make it your Neon Pastel Fantasy!

Project Board that would have shown in the physical senior show that showcases the characters, features, and character bios.

Eco Pals is the trendy surprise toy for kids ages 3+ that creates a unique play like no other! Dig to find out who your adorable plant buddy is!

Project Board that would have shown in the physical senior show that showcases the characters, features, and piece count.

Ugochi is a fashion doll for older girls. It answers the call for diversity and creating play in an inclusive way. These girls are ready to empower by playing in their own band where you can interact with one another through their instruments and are able to mix sounds together to create endless eclectic musical experiences.

The SpookScooter is the bat friendly Hauntley mobile for girls ages 3+ that creates spooky adventures that light up the way they roll into their new destination.

Exspelled is a card game for 2-5 players aged 6+ where the objective is the witch to get the most house points wins the game. This game is a highly-strategic, witch-powered version of Russian Roulette. Players draw cards to play and earn or lose house points, but when someone draws an Expelled Card, they are expelled from Academia. Unless that player uses a Memory Loss Spell, they will stay in school to earn more house points. All of the other cards in the deck are used to move, mitigate, or avoid being Expelled.

A few examples from life drawing showing skills such as: sketching, stylizing, proportion, and quality.

I love to sketch traditionally and digitally so I wanted to showcase both. My way of drawing is very dynamic and posey and love to ideate and make iterations to explore ideas.