Margaux Rocher

Painting of landscape
Oil painting and concrete
Painting of cement, acrylic, and oil on wood panel
Painting of landscape
Mixed media sculpture resembling shelving unit and various objects displayed atop.
Mixed media sculpture
Carved wood totems
Abstract drawing
Mixed media sculpture
Mixed media sculpture
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Margaux Rocher

My artistic practice is multidisciplinary and often includes sculptural, painting, and photographic elements. I work with wood, metal, paint, cement, and many other media to create layers of scale and texture. Collecting objects and using the remains of past projects are part of my process to produce these hybrid pieces. As an international student from France, I am inspired by what is unfamiliar to me in the urban landscape of Los Angeles and the human presence in its surrounding Western Landscape.

Hanging out, Utah, 2020
Acrylic on matte photo paper on wood panel
30 x 24 inches

Behind the walls, 2019
Oil on canvas, concrete
20 x 20 inches

Dry Stroll, 2020
Cement, acrylic, and oil on wood panel
11 x 9 inches

Eureka, 2020
Acrylic with sand on wood panel
11 x 14 inches

No, it is not from Ikea, 2019
Wood, steel, plexiglass
36 x 48 inches

Rising steel, 2019
Wood, steel, plexiglass
180 x 72 inches

Family reunion, 2019
Pinewood (2x4 planks)
Dimensions variable

Sand impacts & jeep tracks, 2020
Cement and acrylic on wood panelĀ 
12 x 9 inches

Artificial ecology, 2019
TV stand, terrarium, plaster
36 x 48 inches

Acrylic irrigation, 2019
Plastic plants, succulents, acrylic paint, seeds
10 x 6 inches