Nefertiti Jenkins

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Nefertiti Jenkins

Hello, my name is Nefertiti Jenkins and I am a painter graduating from Otis College of Art and Design with a Master of Fine Arts. My work reflects upon life, memory, and how recollecting those experiences warps them into something new yet vaguely familiar. I spent a lot of time ruminating upon what felt like important and invigorating moments within my life. Things I would be foolish to forget or take for granted. This was during a period where I felt these moments were limited and rare. Excursions to the city, meeting with friends, and traveling somewhere new were thrilling to me. They were intimate and personal to my own being but also required a large amount of outside stimulation. However, as more time passes the more I understand that the mundane and quiet instances have just as much of an impact on me. Domestic interiors carry just as much mood and weight. Not everything has to be intensely visceral to leave a lasting impression. But, through the lense of attempting to remember how those moments felt or what I retained from an interaction, even from something familiar, things immediately become exaggerated or even obscured. This directly translates to how my drawings and paintings are rendered, with high chroma colors or skewed figures and environments that result in an ambiguous, liminal narrative.

I Don't Think So is a 50 x 54 inch oil painting on canvas. It is a primarily red painting with a figure sitting on a beanbag chair. The main figure's arms and legs are visible and take up most of the frame while an orange and yellow face peeks through beneath the feet and seat of the dominating figure. Fragments of a previous painting show up in fragments all over the surface.

A detail of the arms and hands.

A detail of the shoes to the left of the feet.

I imagine this work placed near Claire Sun's work.