Quincy Ling

Puzzle table inspired by 'The Great Wall' of China.
See what is inside of a vintage clock alert.
Bluetooth speaker inspired by the telephone booth.
Computer mouse inspired by cute beetles.
Picnic bag inspired by the color of the year "Blue."
Moonlight purse inspired by the reflection of the water.
Oh, the Places You'll Go! Pacjaging
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Quincy Ling

My work as a product designer keeps me actively and creatively thinking of ways to both make people happier and the planet environmentally friendlier.

Visual aspects are often the first point of appeal for users. Beneath that surface, the design process of research, reasoning, material choices, testing, ethics, function, and environmental impact of the product are all important as well. 

As a designer, I am determined to keep observing the environment, focus on design details, and to solve the problem in every aspect of life patiently.

Puzzle Table

Inspired by 'The Great Wall' of China, the angular grooved wood structure and pieces reflect the rectilineal pattern creating a puzzle-like look, yet at the same time an overall cohesive design.  The table acrylic top is scored and cut with a laser. 

Vintage Alarm Clock

See what is inside of a vintage alarm clock.


Portable Bluetooth speaker designed inspired by the classic red British Phone Booth

Computer mouse inspired by cute beetles.

Pink Bucket Purse

The bucket bag trend is alive and thriving, and for good reason.

Bucket bags will carry all your essentials with the toss-it in ease of a tote but in a more tidy, chic package. The Pink Bucket Purse stylizes the bag version into a dressier look by creating a sleeker line shape and a locking strap, and gold chain link strap.  Yet the design maintains the flat bottom feature to sit upright without falling and the toss-in ease of use open top.

Crossbody Purse

A small easy to carry phone and storage purse designed with multicolored parts to accent the various parts of the purse.  It is made of synthetic leather and gold color hardware.  The comfortable durable straps and soft handles allow the purse to be worn or carried.  The phone compartment is fabric lined to avoid friction to the phone. The Crossbody Purse collection comes in two sizes, medium and small. 

Moonlight Purse

A unique purse concept inspired by the moon reflecting on water.

The design integrates a leather strip that forms the sides of the purse and clear vinyl acetate to create a reflective see-through effect. The double clear beaded handles complete the circle and provide ease and comfort in carrying. 

Moonlight Purse

Initial concept sketches and rendering for the Moonlight Purse.  

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

A physical packaging and graphic packaging design project. The goal was to create a brand based on something that inspired us. I selected the classic story by Dr. Seuss, "Oh, the Places You'll Go"