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Richard Jo

Hello, my name is Richard Jo and I am an graphic designer graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication Arts. I have developed my professional background through an internship and as a graphic/product designer. I am a Korean American visual designer born and raised in Orange County, CA. I am inspired by design that revolves around music, sports, and digital media. I am deeply passionate about sports and music and love producing work that surrounds those interests. But have always been open to new & different approaches to design. I am excited about various possible collaborations and look forward to future work.

This series was based on a manifesto that relies heavily on self-belief. I believe that as an artist/designer we tend to receive feedback that may hinder our confidence. The title “Be Thyself” comes from believing in yourself as a person and as a designer. As a designer, I am influenced a lot by sports (specifical basketball) and music. My background as a Korean-American helps with my inspiration as an artist.

Components are inspired by the “lowrider” culture and film photography aesthetic. It is to spread awareness to people who are unaware of the different communities/cultures/outcasts that are within the Los Angeles area. Also the expression of the visual language of people and how we all different in our own way and how we visually see ourselves/others. I want these posters to be cohesive together to create visuals of outcast / cultures of Los Angeles.

( Engineer’s History ) The Engineer’s are inspired by Elon Musk and his influences in renewable & clean energy sources. This society has become blinded by the image of success and power. As a result, renewable energy is becoming a more sought out resource, which gives this community more control. They had created a society that recruited people such as engineers, innovators & pioneers of technological sciences. This allows the community only to grow stronger intellectually and also economically.

Vision is an interactive website that visualizes a new concept of how we listen to podcasts. The focus of Vision is to represent podcasts through a new visual concept. Each article posted discusses topics such as fashion, sports, & art. Sound waves are displayed with subtitles so that we are able to have a more engaging experience..

This sneaker magazine series contains information about the importance of the sneaker culture. That these athletes are more than just athletes and have made an impact on the world. The sneaker culture is continuing to grow worldwide and these three iconic athletes have changed the sneaker game and will continue to do so. This series digs deep into these specifics.

Off-Guard is a representation of where we are today. There are memories that we expected to create but become abstracted because of the situation we are placed in. Although we are in these rough times, I want this series to show us to appreciate what we have. As we take things for granted, we should continue to strive to embrace what we have and move forward.