Roman Gonzalez Pena

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Roman Gonzalez Pena
Hello, my name is Roman Gonzalez, and I am a Fashion Designer and graduate from Otis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. I have attained professional skills and experience as a fashion student as well as an assistant designer. I acquired knowledge in many aspects of fashion illustration, hand-drawn or digital, digital flats, draping, sewing, and patternmaking. In addition, I also have experience with Photoshop and Illustrator programs. As a graduate of Otis College, my determination has helped me evolve as a designer, contributing as a team player and communicator. My strong leadership qualities allow me to work and generate ideas effectively. I have a passion for fashion and a keen eye for color, and most importantly, I am always open to learning from others to further myself as a designer.
Botanical Rhapsody is a spring collection inspired by botanical gardens and leaves. Also using streetwear and soft tailoring as key elements for design. With this as my inspiration, I wanted to play with fabric print, laser cutting and draping in order to create a collection with a bold statement.
Botanical Rhapsody illustrated collection. Here you can see the use of the botanical prints, laser cutting and draping elements.
Here you can see the second fitting for my botanical print jumpsuit and a close look on fine details such as top stitching. The top stitching is on leather and you can see the detail on the sleeve strap and belt.
Here you can see the finished botanical print jumpsuit and leather bag. The inspiration behind this design was androgyny mixed with streetwear and soft tailoring elements.
Mood board
This is a fall collection inspired by the Maasai tribe in Africa. Utilizing color blocking and tailoring techniques was the focus of this collection. A powerful woman who is not afraid to show who she is wherever she goes
This is the fabric page and you can see the use of different textiles and fabric treatments. Using mix-and-match textiles to elaborate certain area of the body.
Maasai Rites fall collection is for any women who want to feel empowered and assertive. These designs can be worn at the office and to a party but can also be worn for a romantic date night.