Samar Albujabir

 cheap flip-flops into an expensive luxury version
Redesign of a computer mouse
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Samar Albujabir

I went into product design because I wanted to create designs that would help, enable, and enrich people's lives.  I view the product design process as a bridge between the user and their conscious and unconscious needs.  As there are many products inundating and overwhelming users, I am driven by the idea of simplicity in design and creating minimalistic products that provide the most benefits.  One of my main objectives as a product designer is to create a better, easier, and more enjoyable experience for the user.

Inner – Rest Pod

Inner Pod is designed for offices and work environments to provide employees a semi-secluded place to rest and relax at work; to recharge and lower stress to achieve better focus and improve productivity.  The interior blue ceiling light helps calm the mind and promote clear thinking and  better concentration.  Inner Pods are beneficial for both the company and its employees by providing greater productivity, health, and well-being for all employees.  


Knurl is a portable, sounds around Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof and rechargeable.  This small but powerful device provides 360-degree sound. The decorative outer housing is designed to blend in and is made from high impact plastic for long-term durability.  

KNURL - exploded view

Knurl is equipped with interior elastomer insulation to a provide acoustic sound barrier and to maximum waterproof protection.  

Awani – Tableware

A set of contemporary Arabian style tableware.  The Awani designs were inspired by the flowing script of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic ornamentation but modified into a simpler modernized style. The pieces reflect a simplified design with Arabic calligraphic accents to make it appeal to a broader global audience. 

Expanse – Wooden Table Lamp

Expanse is a dodecahedron wooden table lamp that has intricate laser die-cut patterns on each of the 12 panels.  The pattern designs are contemporized Islamic patterns achieved by combining the geometric and curvilinear patterns, which are rarely done.  The result is an expansive display of pattern shadows and light on the surrounding walls of the environment.


The challenge of this project was to redesign cheap flip-flops into an expensive luxury version that has a retail value of over $200. These luxury Louis Vuitton flip-flops are designed to go well beyond the poolside or beach. The simple but distinctive black with gold loop accent can be dressed up or dressed down. The package combines a quilted leather slipcase and slide-out drawer that provides a secondary use as a jewelry or accessory box. 

Sleek – Computer Mouse Redesign

The project required redesigning a mouse using the exact measurements of the Arduino Board and all the other components and design an ergonomic, user friendly computer mouse.  The result was an overall ultra-smooth design that eliminated the feel of gaps in the lines of the structure and emphasizing turning wheel.

Redesign of an existing computer mouse using exact measurements of the Arduino board and all the other components to design an ergonomic, user-friendly computer mouse.

Redesign the exterior housing of an existing clock radio using the exact measurements of the internal components.
After researching, I found that most of the clock radios products exist in the market have almost the same design, which is the old-fashioned electronics design style, which is the black or white plastic bulky box. 
So, I decided to redesign the product in a way that looks like a classy piece of furniture not a plastic electronic piece to fit with the whole room decor.