Schuyler Hazard

Gift of the Magi
Glue, iodine, rubber cement, studio detritus on a Twin Size Weighted Blanket (20lbs.)
Glue, lotion, Vaseline, Cocoa Butter, Tanning Oil, and Ointment on a Queen Size Duvet
Glue, Iodine, Rubber Cement and Latex-Free Sutures on a Queen Size Quilt
Glue, Iodine, Rubber Cement, and Pages from Madeline on a Queen Size Comforter
Glue, Iodine, Gauze, Personal Lubricant and Vaseline on a King Size Quilt
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Schuyler Hazard

In Bedtime Stories, the works use a blanket as substrate and support and a range of non-traditional materials for mark-making. Each element is critical in conveying meaning to the overall narrative. 

Examination Presentation, 2019
Glue, king size velvet throw, ceramic, acrylic, stool
Variable dimensions

Gift of the Magi, 2018
Glue, oil paint, queen size plush blanket
Variable dimensions

Oh, The Places You'll Go, 2019
Glue, iodine, rubber cement, studio detritus on a twin size weighted blanket (20lbs.)
Variable dimensions

The Giving Tree, 2019
Glue, lotion, vaseline, cocoa butter, tanning oil, and ointment on a queen size duvet
Dimensions variable

Identified Patient, 2019
Glue, iodine, rubber cement and latex-free sutures on a queen size quilt
Variable dimensions

Identified Savior, 2019
Glue, iodine, rubber cement, and pages from Madeline on a queen size comforter
Variable dimensions

You Become, 2020
Glue, iodine, gauze, personal lubricant and Vaseline on a king size quilt
Variable dimensions