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Gotta Go Gotta Go
Leaves & Crown
Monster Squad
Ninmal, The BEST assassins in the world
Dragon Ball Z
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Simin Hou

I am a passionate, creative, and well-rounded designer. I love cute and pretty stuff especially animals and monsters. My strengths include character design, concept design, color rendering, and model making. I believe that being optimistic and keeping an open mind can help me solve all the problems. 

Collage of some of my favorite characters.

Gotta Go Gotta Go: The one-of-a-kind ride-on toy for preschoolers that let them explore friendship, feeding and a little something extra.

Crowns and Leaves: A doll and pet line all about fashion, friendship, and fun.

Monster Squad: A stacking-doll like licensed remote control vehicle set featuring 3 fun, cheerful cars with lights, music, and lots of action

Ninmals are cool and vibrant urban vinyl toys for all ages. They will take you into their fantasy world and be your best pals

Batland is an Amusement Park themed train set for age 4+. It contains many exciting accessories such as a ferris wheel, castle, and bat slide

McDonald Delivery Spaceship is a spaceship toy and its mission is to deliver delicious food all over space

One of the most exciting scenes chosen from Japanese Anime Dragon Ball Z. Hand prototyped, using various materials such as resin, super sculpey,  magic sculpey, etc.

A collage of my favorite sketches created while at Otis