Somin Eom

The poster of the workshop which is examine the problem of waste food.
Selling the water bottles to helping reduce the food waste or help the food donation community or charity.
The digital magazine about how to eat smart.
Series of poster for "Another You" kit. Giving small description about relaxation kit.
Series post cards for helping the food donation charity and community.
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Somin Eom

Hello, my name is Somin Eom and I am a Graphic Designer graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I have developed my professional background through a design internship at the book design company. I am experienced in all aspects branding, Additionally, I am highly experienced in the Adobe Creative Cloud Programs (illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat Pro), and Microsoft Office programs (PowerPoint). I have experience in logo design, presentation design with freelancer. Also I took courses in my college learned about collaboration with partners and teams, so I am excited about communicating, listening, and sharing concepts with partners. I always got inspiration from around me, designing consumer-focused themed experiences.

A poster for the workshop. The purpose of the workshop is examine the problem of waste food. Mainly talking about how much goes to waste, why waste happens, why waste matters, strategies to reduce waste. I used organic shapes to give to viewers feel raw and environment. I mixed bright and dark color because I try to show both images of damaged and undamaged.

The water bottles of when people buy it, the profit will be donate for helping reduce the food waste or help the food donation community or charity so that people can have some interact with the reduce of food waste. This is connected with the workshop poster project. I will selling the water bottles at the workshop.

The digital magazine about how to eat smart. Giving the tips which are planning, storage prep, thriftiness tips to people. Thus, people get easily the steps of how to reduce food waste by the little tips. This is also connected with forward projects.

Series poster about ÔÇťAnother You." It is a set of meditation kits to help the user relax. Each set gives you a deck of meditation cards accompanied by candles to help you either become more aware or more focused.

The Guides poster includes description of 6 main components in "Green Air." Green Air is a futuristic planet, created 400years in the future (2419). The Green Air planet, the resulting earth's, had a lot of problems with air pollution around the world. Green Air is for people who want to live with fresh air.

Series post cards, donating for reduce the food waste charities or communities. Each card represent the one of the components of environments which are land, mountain, and sea.